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10 Things I Love About Sunday's

Since today is the last blog post in the January series, I wanted to share with you a nice, reflective post to end the month on a high! Today's post focuses on 10 things that I absolutely love about Sunday's. I think out of all the days of the week, Sunday's are up there with one of my favourite days and here's why...

#1 - Feels Like a Day To Catch Up From The Week

Does anyone else feel like Sunday's are the days to get tasks done that have been left from the week or is that just me? I just love the fact that Sunday's feel like the day where you can tie up loose ends and get prepped for the week ahead.

#2 - Plan For The Week Ahead

Which leads me nicely onto one of the other things that I love about Sunday's which is planning for the week ahead once I have got shiz sorted! I love to spend half an hour or so getting sorted and prepared for a fresh week and realigning with new goals and the things I want to achieve. Anyone else?

#3 - Sunday Morning Coffee

I have a coffee every morning but on Sunday's it just hits differently. I don't know whether it is the fact that Sunday's are known for their slow and steady starts or what but I am here for it!

#4 - Walks

Especially if you have a crisp, fresh air on a Sunday morning, going for a walk is the one! Since numerous lockdowns, I have become more of a lover of getting outside and breathing in that fresh air. So going for a nice, long Sunday morning walk just makes my soul happy!

#5 - Reading

Contrdictory to that, if the weather is bad and it's raining and not very nice then to me there is nothing better than snuggling up under a blanket and reading a good book. It just makes me feel so cosy and warm!

#6 - A Lie In

I am all about trying to stick to a regular wake up and bed time but on Sunday's it just feels right to have a lie in every now and again - am I right?

#7 - Sunday Pamper Routine

Now I do my skincare almost every night but on Sunday's I pull out all the stops from face masks to hair masks - I do it all and it makes me feel so good and refreshed, ready for a new week!

#8 - Board Games

Recently, my family and I have been sitting down on a Sunday afternoon and playing monopoly. I absolutely love Monopoly, although I never seem to win, but it is nice to spend the time with my family and have some fun. And on Sunday, it only feels right to play some games!

#9 - Sunday Roast

In my opinion, you can't beat a Sunday roast! It is up there with one of my favourite meals. There is something so right and natural to have a big roast dinner on a Sunday and it is just amazing!

#10 - Catching Up With Friends

I also love to spend my Sunday evening catching up with friends. It is, for obvious reasons, so hard to see one another at the moment so having a FaceTime and a catch up during the week is a lovely way to end the week.

I could list so many more reasons as to why I love Sunday's but I think 10 is enough for now! I have got a free, downloadable template for you as well should you wish to practice and write down what you are grateful for. You can download it here.


I would just like to say, thank you so much to everyone who has read, commented and interacted during the January series on my blog. I hope you enjoyed the series as a whole.

My hope is that I have provided you with blog posts that you can refer back to when you need a little bit of guidance or inspiration. Don't forget, the templates will also be available all the time on my blog for free and so you can download them whenever you would like.

Thank you so much once again and keep your eyes peeled for the next posts in February!


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