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5 Quick Self Care Ideas For When You Have Little Time

Often we are advised to take time for ourselves and to spend each day practicing self care which I believe should be the case as it important for both our mind and body. However, from personal experience, it is not always realistic nor practical to do a full blown pamper routine and ritual each morning or evening as more often than not we just don't have the time.

Therefore, I wanted to share with you 5 quick self care ideas that I like to do when I am pushed for time or happen to find a small chunk of time within my day to stop and relax for 5 minutes. I hope these ideas help you also...!

Self Care Idea 1: Your Favourite Drink

If you know me, you know that recently I have been getting into drinking peppermint tea on a night time. It is such a calming and delicious drink and for me, boiling the kettle, putting the peppermint tea bag in the mug, letting it brew and then sitting down to enjoy it is one of the highlights to my evening.

It's so simple but yet I get so much joy out of it and when I haven't had one for a while I appreciate sitting down with my hot drink even more.

Self Care Idea 2: Skincare Routine

Some nights I have time to do a full blown skincare routine including a face mask, toner, exfoliating, the works! But more often than not I only have time to wash my face and apply a moisturiser but that's ok!

Taking any time you have to look after your skin, not matter how small, is beneficial in some way. Both your skin and your soul with thank you for it in the long run.

Self Care Idea 3: Your Favourite TV Series

Imagine you've just come in from a busy day at work or school, you have spent a few hours catching up on housework or revision and you just want to mindlessly switch off and enjoy watching something on TV or Netflix. I know it is recommended to read before bed and not spend too much time on blue light but sometimes, for me anyway, I just want to switch my brain off by enjoying my favourite TV show.

Self Care 4: Your Favourite Snack / Food

Life can get busy and sometimes there just isn't the time to sit down and binge your favourite show or even make your favourite bedtime drink therefore why not treat yourself to your favourite sandwich while on the go or favourite day time snack? It's something small but it can help lift your mood and feel satisfied.

Self Care 5: Take Time to Breathe

This is one that I try and force myself to do every time I catch myself doing task after task. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of people pleasing and trying to reach deadlines that things just happen all at once. But if you are doing these tasks rushed or feeling stressed then you are less likely to be effective in these tasks. Therefore, remind yourself to breathe and to take 5 minutes to collect your thoughts, perhaps write a to do list and then start again with a fresh outlook.

So there you have 5 quick self care tips that I like to do when I am pushed for time. Let us know in the comments what your favourite, quick self care tip is when you are struggling for time.


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