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Yearly Reflection on Goals

It's getting towards that time of the year again where a new year is on the horizon and we are all looking for a fresh start with our goals.

It is all well and good looking to the future and thinking about the goals we are wanting to set ourselves to achieve in 2021 but what about the goals we had set for 2020? I feel that it is important to reflect on the goals that you have set yourself in the past so you can use your past goals as a stepping stone for improvement in the coming year.

Therefore, I have striped the reflection process right back to school years where we were asked to write 'What Went Well' and 'Even Better If.' I find this process to be so effective as you're looking at what goals you achieved and what goals you didn't achieve but understanding what you could have done better should you wish to try and achieve said goal again in the new year.

So below I have outlined the way in which I like to do the reflection process on my goals with the hope that it will help you when you look back at your goals.

Disclaimer: when reflecting on your goals, it is important to focus on the things that you could control.

Goal Categories:

It is likely that you had set yourself goals and maybe allocated them a category or maybe you had set yourself goals without allocating them a category. However you had set your goals, they are likely to fall into one of the following 8 categories:




Wellbeing/Self Care





If you didn't allocate your goals, try and allocate them into one of the above categories so the reflection process can begin.

Reflection Process:

Now you have allocated your previous goals a category, you can begin the reflection process. For each goal, be open and honest with yourself and think about 'WWW' and 'EBI.' Depending on the success of your goal (i.e. whether you have completed it or not) you may have more WWW's than EBI's or vice versa. The key here is to see what goals you have achieved and what goals you didn't quite achieve which are justified in your 'EBI's'

For all the goals you have achieved you can celebrate and treat yourself to something to acknowledge the goals you have achieved.

For the goals that haven't been completed, you can then determine whether you want to carry these goals into the next year and work on the EBI's or whether the goal you had set yourself no longer aligns with your future vision and therefore you can acknowledge the goal as a learning curve and that it has enabled you to realise that the said goal isn't the direction you want to head in.

I hope this blog post has helped you understand a goal reflection process that I like to use. The next blog post will be focused on a goal strategy I like to use which I hope you will find helpful when setting your new year goals.

Leave a comment below and let us know what goals you have achieved this year

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