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WOOP Strategy for Achieving Your Goals

We all have goals, whether it be personal, career or financial orientated. Often goals are made at the start of the year and often forgotten by the end of the first quarter. Perhaps it's time to dig out those goals that you set yourself many moons ago and review them on a WOOP strategy basis. First of all, make sure you are still wanting to achieve the goals you have set yourself as well as adding any goals you have thought of throughout the year. Before we begin, WOOP was developed by psychologists Gabriele Oettingen and Peter Gollwitzer and Gabriele goes into more detail in her book: Rethinking Positive Thinking.

Wish: this is the first part of the process when getting back on track with your goals. It allows you chance to see if the goals you have set yourself are meaningful and have something associated within you that you are willing to work hard for.

It is important that you really are honest with yourself on this as if your heart isn't fully in it then it will make it difficult to have the real motivation to go ahead and achieve the goal. Perhaps sit down and write down your goals again on a new piece of paper. Section off the ones you are so excited by and imagine how you will feel at the end result. The ones you have left, still keep but don't focus too much on them as they are likely to be ones you aren't too worried about achieving.

Outcome: visualising the future when you have achieved your goal.

Now with your list of goals you are excited by, think of the end result. Think about how you with feel, how you will celebrate, how the result of your goal will benefit you, how it will improve your life, how it will progress or grow you as a person or how it will make you closer to where you want to be in life. Write all your visualisations of the end result down next to your goal and keep this as reference for when you feel demotivated or unwilling to work hard. You need to make your future self thank you for all your efforts of getting you to where you have imagined yourself to be

Obstacle: also visualise the obstacles you may incur throughout your goal reaching journey.

By preparing yourself for knock backs or understanding you as a person and how you may knock yourself back is important for your journey to success. For example: you could expect to be knocked back by a supplier for not wanting to create your product but have a list of 5 other suppliers you could try. Or you know that at times you do become demotivated or create excuses for yourself but you already have a list of things that make you feel motivated and productive again so you can get back to focusing on your goal

Plan: create a plan for when these obstacles occur

Following on from what I mentioned in the last point, it is important to have a clear plan of how to overcome your obstacles. Create a mind map or a check list of each precise step you can take to ensure you are maximising the amount of time you are growing and progressing rather than stuck in a rut. If your obstacle is disbelief in yourself or feeling unmotivated at times then perhaps write down:

1. Social Media Detox

2. Apply Face Mask

3. Make Your Favourite Hot Drink

4. Read A Inspiring Book or Listen to a Motivating Podcast

5. Sit back down and reassess your progress with your goal

This step by step guide is just some pointers and inspiration on how to feel motivated again but of course you can create your own step by step guide so it is best suited to your needs.

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