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Why You Might Be Failing Your Goals and How To Improve

The vast majority of us set ourselves goals. Whether this be at the start of the year as a New Year's Resolution, monthly, weekly, quarterly or whenever we feel like setting ourselves a goal. But why is it that despite setting ourselves these goals, some of us don't achieve them?

That's what I wanted to discuss in today's blog post; some common reasons why people might be failing to achieve their goals as well as some methods I like to use in order to help redeem these common drawbacks.

Let's begin...

Reason 1 - You Are Not Clear on Your Goals

Having uncertainty or a lack of clarity around your goals is one of the most common reasons why goals are met or achieved. If you are not even sure yourself what it is that you actually want to achieve then how can you expect to work towards and achieve it?

Therefore, making sure you have a clear understanding of the goal you want to achieve along with a clear understanding as to why it is you want to achieve this goal.

Reason 2 - Lack of Self Belief

If you have a lack of confidence in yourself that you can't achieve the goal you've set or you keep self sabotaging yourself by saying you're not good enough or making excuses that you belief you just can't do it then this isn't going to help you along your goal journey.

To help with this, spend some time each day working on developing your mental image of yourself and building back up your confidence. Whether this be through visualisation, journalling or affirmations. Practicing a positive, mental exercise each day will help you build more self love. Also, take the opportunity to reflect on your goals and see if what you have set yourself is right for you at this moment in time.

Reason 3 - You Are Not Practicing Self Discipline

Once you've set yourself a goal, the journey of reaching that goal is one of self discipline and hard work. If you are not putting in the hours, effort or hard work then this could be why you are not achieving your goals.

Therefore, at the end of each week, set yourself some time to work on your plan for the week. By having a plan and scheduling in your actions to drive you towards your goal will help you to achieve it more efficiently.

Reason 4 - Give Up Way Too Soon

Some people, when they don't see a instant change or development will give up because they are not seeing the positive reinforcements of the journey they are on straight away. Progress takes time therefore having the resilience and willingness to work hard for this and trust in the process will result in succession towards your goal.

To help not give up, try following a plan as well as tracking your progress. You will be able to see how far you have come since very first starting and it will help motivate you to stay on track to further progress.


These are just a handful of reasons why people give up on their goals. For more information on why people may give up on their goals, you can click the link here which has been used as today's source of information for this blog post.

Let me know in the comments how you prevent yourself from giving up on your goals OR what is the one thing that stops you from completing your goals.


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