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What To Do When Motivation Doesn't Work

A lot of the time we rely on motivation to push us to achieving our goals but it doesn't always work like that. Motivation is the feeling you get when you first think of an idea or a goal that you want to achieve but it won't be around all the time to keep you working towards your goals.

Often when motivation disappears so does the willingness to keep going and pushing to achieve so I thought I would share some tips that might help keep you going when motivation just isn't there.

Focus on Growth

Take some time to sit down and reflect on your current work flow. Be critical of your work flow and work out what you could be doing better or what you could change that will help you achieve what you want to achieve.

By doing the same thing over and over again, you will remain in a lack of motivation because you are not making a conscious effort to change your strategy and grow.

So try something new. This could be waking up a bit earlier and moving your body first thing to get your endorphins going or this could be doing your most focused work in the afternoon because you find working in the morning difficult.

Without assessing and making the effort to change your strategy you will remain in the same state of mind which isn't getting you anywhere.

Brain Splurge

In a previous blog post, I spoke about the benefits of brain dumping all your thoughts and ideas onto a bit of paper. Often when our thoughts are clogged up and swirling round in our mind, it can be hard for us to make sense of it all so by writing everything down you are more likely to elaborate on ideas, think of new ideas and regain some of that motivation to keep going.

Remind Yourself of Your Why

It wouldn't be a Lifeful Lifestyle blog post without reminding yourself of your why now would it? But seriously, reminding yourself of your end goal and why you are trying to do something will help regain that motivation and that fire in your belly to keep going.

Whittle It Down

Perhaps you are not feeling motivated because you have a to do list as long as your body and are feeling overwhelmed. So take the time to whittle down your to do list to 1 or 2 small, manageable goals that you can achieve today.

There is a power in the to do list as once you have ticked something off you feel instant gratification and want to repeat the same, positive feeling therefore making you want to achieve and tick off more to do's. So starting off small can help with this as you're not overwhelmed and you have the opportunity to add on and achieve more tasks.

Restructure Your Goal Journey

Maybe you are feeling a lack of motivation because your goal or the steps to achieving your goal just don't align with you anymore. So take the time to step back and reassess and reevaluate the goal you want to achieve and rework the steps you need to achieve to complete that goal.

This will help refresh your vision and aims and will hopefully bring back a sense of motivation.

Reflect on Successes

Often we spend a lot of our time thinking about the future and where we want to be in life or we spend a lot of time thinking about what didn't work and how we could be doing better.

If you find yourself in that position, try thinking about your successes and write them down. By reflecting on what you have achieved will help you recognise how much you have already achieved and will help give you the motivation to keep going.


I hope these tips have helped you gain a sense of motivation towards your goals and aims. I often find listening to inspiring or motivational videos useful too so I would highly recommend checking out the 'Be Inspired' YouTube channel. You can watch their videos here.

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