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Ways to Show More Kindness + Tracker

If you've seen my previous blog post on my 'Monthly Goal Setting' then you would know that in the month of May I set myself the goal to show kindness every day. (If you haven't seen this post, I will link it here). When reflecting on this goal I believed I had completed this however I had no way of monitoring or checking my progress. Therefore, today I thought I would share with you a tracker I have made to help both myself and you monitor your kindness along with some ideas on how you can show more kindness in your day to day life to both others and yourself.

Kindness (noun) - the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.

Acts of Kindness: Others

Acknowledge Others - When walking down the street, wave or smile at the people you see. When in a traffic jam and someone wants to get in, let them in. When you're in the queue for the checkout and have a a trolley full of items but the person behind you only has some milk and bread, let them go in front. Showing kindness is about being considerate therefore be more present and aware of others around you.

Give Compliments - everybody loves a good compliment. It makes the person receiving the compliment feel good and it will make you also feel good. However, don't compliment someone unnecessarily. Make sure you 1) mean the compliment and 2) don't over compliment. Make your compliments genuine and meaningful

Gifts - showing kindness does not have to be providing a gift to someone however it can be a nice gesture for the other person to receive. It shows the other person that you're thinking of them and that you care about them. It doesn't have to be anything large and extravagant, ideas could be something like giving flowers or getting their favourite chocolate bar.

Spread Positivity - there are some areas on social media that can be full of negativity and not very nice things. Let's change that. If you like someone's upload on Instagram or Facebook, rather than just scrolling past and not engaging in the content, drop them a comment or give them a like, maybe even message them and say how their post affected you. Giving positivity back to someone will make them feel so good

Support Small Businesses - the smaller businesses such as your local village shop or a local coffee shop needs as much support as the larger chains. Why not try shopping locally for a week and see the positive change and impact it can have on your lifestyle. If you like their product or service then shout about it. Send them a thank you message, share your goods on socials and tag them. When you support a local business, the owner will do a little happy dance

Check In on Loved Ones - if you notice someone is down or not quite themselves, check in on them. Send them a message, let them know you're here if they want to talk or maybe send them a warming letter to show how much they mean to you and that you're there for them. They will appreciate you thinking of them and make them feel loved.

Acts of Kindness: You

Educate Yourself - learning is such a privilege and shouldn't stop once you've completed school or university. Educate yourself on current issues, on a topic you are wanting to be knowledgeable on, learn a new language, understand your countries history more. There is so much you can learn through books, news articles, podcasts, YouTube videos - the list is endless.

Pamper Night - at least once a week, take time for you. Put on a face mask, run a bath, make yourself a cup of tea and get lost in a good book. It is so important to look after both your mind and body so allow yourself some time in your schedule to do just that

Give Yourself a New Routine - sometimes we can get ourselves into a rut and stuck in the same routine. Perhaps you've noticed you're not getting into the right mindset before work so why not switch up your routine? Instead of setting your alarm 15 minutes before you need to leave, set your alarm an hour before you need to leave. Allow yourself more time for breakfast, perhaps schedule some reading into your routine, make time for a morning workout to get your blood flowing. Whatever you find gets you in a good mindset in the morning do this and see how you get on

Look After Your Inner Voice - there is no way we would say negative or nasty things to someone else so why do we do it to ourselves? Take time to digest positivity into your thoughts, build yourself up and work on feeling happy in yourself. You can do this through self help books, journaling, meditating or maybe watching a YouTube video - anything to keep you positive and motivated

Explore Nature - we have the most amazing gift in this world which is the ability to explore nature at the end of our road and beyond. Take time to not only explore your local area through walking/hiking/cycling or running but to also be more mindful of the little things you notice on your outings such as your feet hitting the ground or the rustling of the wind. We can sometimes be so wrapped up in our own thoughts that taking a deep breath and exploring the outside world can be just what we need

Pick Up a New Hobby - similar to my first point on educating yourself, why not pick up a new hobby that makes you feel good? Perhaps you've always wanted to play the piano or you've always wanted to make cute gifts for others to buy, whatever you've always wanted to do, do. There's nothing stopping you except your own thoughts therefore let yourself take the plunge and try it. If you don't like it then at least you tried and explored rather than left wondered 'what if.'

Kindness Tracker:

Now you've got some ideas on different things you can do throughout your daily life to show acts of kindness, we now need a way to track this. I have attached a copy of the kindness tracker here. You can use this on your phone home screen to remind you to complete an act of kindness to others or to yourself daily. Once you've completed your act of kindness for the day, you can mark off each day and re-add to your home screen to show your progress.

I have also attached a quote linked to kindness here so that you can put this as your wallpaper background instead to remind you to always be kind.

I hope you have found this post useful! Please let me know in the comments what act of kindness you will be showing :)

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