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Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is apparent in many peoples day to day lives but why is it that many of us who experience stress leave it untreated? Stress is one of the many contributors to health problems and can lead to serious conditions but despite knowing this information the majority of us don't try and relieve the feeling of stress. Is it because we don't know how?

In today's blog post and in light of National Stress Awareness Day, I have put together some indicators and ways in which you can help relieve stress from your life in the hope that you can live a more 'stress free' lifestyle.

Way #1 - Exercise

It has been proven that exercise reduces stress. The endorphins that are released when you exercise contribute to your overall mental and physical health which then results in a positive mindset and a stronger & healthier body.

One form of exercise that helps me clear my mind and reset my mindset is running. I love the feeling of heading out whenever I want, exploring nature and allowing my mind to only think about my next step. Find a form of exercise that works for you and give it a try. It takes 21 days to properly form a habit so give your chosen exercise a chance and see how much better you feel.

Way #2 - Reduce Caffeine Intake

If you're like me then you may be inclined to a cup of tea or coffee here and there but these drinks hold a lot of caffeine therefore it is wise not to have these types of drinks often and especially before bed as caffeine can increase your stress levels. Try switching your cup of tea for a herbal tea instead or perhaps have a hot chocolate before bed instead of your evening coffee. Making these small changes can lead to a decrease in stress.

Way #3 - Write it Down

If thoughts or events that have happened throughout the day are causing you stress then try writing your thoughts or worries down. Alleviating some of the mental storage that you are holding for the thoughts that are stressing you will allow your brain to hold more positive and encouraging thoughts rather than thoughts that are causing you negativity.

Way #4 - Talk About It

If you prefer talking to people about your worries then confine in someone who you trust and who will listen and reassure you. It is so important to get the things that are worrying you out on paper or verbally as it lifts a weight off your shoulders and you can gain a different perspective from speaking to someone else.

Way #5 - Do Something Mindful

Try doing an activity that requires little thought and something that you can escape into such as colouring or practicing meditation. Allow your thoughts to enter and then disappear through focusing your mind on what colour to use or how you're breathing.

Way #6 - Listen to a Podcast or Music

Perhaps try sticking on your headphones and listening to a podcast on your favourite topic or listening to your favourite genre of music. There is something so satisfying about putting on your headphones and escaping from the modern world and entering into your own world.

Way #7 - Reflect

Analyse the thought that is causing you to be stressed. Is it something you can control, if so, action how you can control the thought to release the stress you're feeling. If it isn't something you can control then try and learn to accept this and come to terms with the thought and assure yourself that it is something you cannot control but you will tackle it with the best mindset.

Way #8 - Visualise Your Day

Following on from 'Way 7', you can visualise your day and write into the universe how you want your day to go. There is something powerful about waking up first thing and writing a future journal of your day and then making the day you have journaled come to life. By doing this you are creating a task for yourself and opening the door for you to have a productive day.

Way #9 - Spend Time with Friends and Family

Now more than ever it is so important to spend time with family and friends whether this be in person or virtually. We are naturally social creatures therefore we need a form of socialisation in our lives. So arrange a Zoom call or book a table for dinner with your friends and make more of an effort to see the ones you love as you need them as much as they need you.

Way #10 - Light a Candle or Diffuser

There are so many different candles and diffusers out on the market now which cater for different feelings or emotions. It is known that lavender is meant to reduce stress and to make you feel more relaxed. So why not try lighting a lavender candle or diffuser before you go to bed and allow yourself to relax into lavender heaven

Way #11 - Read

Whether you're into fiction or non-fiction, reading helps reduce stress and is overall a really good method for a positive mindset. Reading is known to allow the mind to escape and experience a different reality through the power of story telling. Or if you're more into non-fiction then reading can help you see the world from a different perspective and learn new information.

Way #12 - Practice Self Care

Sometimes stress can build up because we haven't actually stopped and taken care of ourselves. Therefore schedule in some time daily or weekly for a self care pamper. It could be as simple as taking a 15 minute walk or completing a full day of self care from painting your nails to doing a hair mask and everything in-between. If you're looking for self care inspiration in either beauty or lifestyle, or both then check out the ultimate self care guides here for some self care loving!

Way #13 - Write a To Do List

The night before, write yourself a to do list. Whether this be writing 1 thing to accomplish during the day or 10 things, it is important to have something to work towards and set yourself small goals to complete. Having a goal or focus for the day will lead you to have a more productive and targeted day rather than allowing your mind to run wild and worry about different things.

I really do hope this blog post has left you feeling more assured and equipped when it comes to dealing with stress. Stress is such a common feeling so never feel like you're alone. Please speak out if you are struggling as there is always someone who will listen.

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