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Ways to Increase Your Concentration

We all want our concentration to be high but there are just some days where we struggle to concentrate on that important assignment or our mind trails off into another dimension where we start to think about what we're having for tea tonight. To help conquer a more distracted mind, I have accumulated some tips below which I hope you'll find helpful.

Do Word Puzzles, Sudoku or Crosswords Each Day:- I have recently been doing a word search a day to help increase my concentration. I have found that focusing on finding words in a bundle of mixed up letters quite therapeutic and allows me to switch off from the world for 5 minutes. You can also use colours to make your word search look pretty like some pastel coloured highlighters.

Exercise throughout the day:- We lead such busy lives and often find it hard to allow an hour to go to the gym. Therefore, I find what is effective if you do struggle to go to the gym, is to incorporate exercise into your everyday life. For example: I like to take the stairs instead of the lift or walk around your office at work instead of staring at the screen for 8 hours. I'm no health expert but I do find these alternatives helpful and allows you to be more active throughout the day.

Get enough sleep 7-8 hours each night:- I know it can be hard to have a set routine with going to bed at a certain time but if you do make a "bedtime" for yourself it can make you more productive and more focused throughout the day. Usually 7-8 hours is enough to allow your brain to recharge it's batteries and for you to get into a deep sleep so you can feel refreshed in the morning.

A distraction list:- If you're anything like me, I tend to think about lots of things whilst I am trying to focus on one thing. Thus, I find writing down everything I am thinking about helpful so I can come back to it later once I have finished concentrating on one thing. Although we might like to think of ourselves as being able to multitask, it is often hard to do so and that's where mistakes are made. By keeping a little piece of paper or a blank email open (being all environmentally friendly and all) by your side you can quickly jot down everything to then do once you've completed your task.

Meditation:- Guided meditation allows you to focus on yourself and your body and allows you to process your thoughts in a relaxed manner. I also find swimming quite therapeutic and almost as if it is a guided meditation. It's like what people say about showers, they tend to think of their best ideas there, I find that with swimming and it allows me to feel reenergised and more productive and inspired.


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