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Ways to Help Relieve Tiredness

I don't know about you but I have been feeling super tired when I first wake up in the morning. I think it must be something to do with the dark mornings perhaps or going to bed at silly o'clock? I think this lockdown has just thrown all routine out of the window!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you some ways in which I am going to give a try for myself to see if they help and I thought it would be useful to share in case anyone else is suffering from tiredness as well at the moment.

Glass of Water At Your Bed

I read somewhere that having a glass of water next to your bed, ready for the morning, is meant to help you feel more awake and less tired first thing in the morning. It also helps activate your body function in the morning and help everything feel a bit more refreshed and ready to go!


It is a myth that exercising can make you tired. Exercise actually helps you feel more awake and it gets your endorphins flowing so you can go into the day with a spring in your step. Personally for me, exercising first thing in the morning is the best time for me as I find it makes me ready for the day and gets it out of the way to be honest.

I just need to find a exercise that helps me get out of bed in the morning but I am working on that!

Brain Dump

You may be feeling tired if you have a lot on your mind. Having thoughts constantly circling your mind of things you need to do, what you need to ask somebody, what the future will look like, thinking about what someone said to you 6 months ago - it can get all a bit too much and can affect your sleep if you can't switch off from it.

Therefore, I would suggest having a notebook at the side of your bed where you can brain dump and write down every thought that comes into your mind when you're trying to get to sleep. That way you've emptied your mind of thoughts, so you don't have to remember them again until the morning.

Sleep Routine

Try and get into the habit of going to sleep at a particular time and waking up at the same time every morning, even weekends. This will help your body clock get into a routine and your body will know how much sleep it needs to operate daily.

What Are You Looking Forward To Today?

If you struggle to find the urge to jump out of bed in the morning (like a lot of us), then try writing down one thing that you are excited for for the following day. This could be making your morning coffee, going on a walk with a friend, watching a film, doing your morning skincare routine - whatever it is that you are looking forward to the following day, write it down before you go to sleep and remind yourself of it in the morning. This will hopefully make you more excited to get out of bed and start your day.

Blue Light Reduction

You've probably heard this all the time on various health and wellness websites but reducing your blue light intake before bed, ideally an hour before bed, will help your brain relax and get into it's sleep mode. So instead of scrolling, switch it with journalling, reading or writing your to do for the following day. Do whatever you find to be relaxing and will help you feel sleepy.

Reduce Stress

If there is something on your mind that is stressing you out then perhaps take the time to talk to someone about it such as a close friend, family member or a partner. By taking about the things that are stressing you out, you are lifting a weight off of your shoulder and are helping your mind to relax a bit more.

Be Kind To Yourself

We are all bound to have days where we feel tired and just not feel 100% and I think especially in lockdown it can be so easy to get annoyed at ourselves and question why we aren't feeling productive some days. But just know that sometimes your body just needs a rest and that's ok. Listen to your body and understand what it is that you need.

So there you have just a few ways that I will be trying to help me feel more awake in the mornings. Let me know in the comments which tips you will be trying.

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