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Ways of Dealing with a Cancelled Sporting Event

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, some of you may know that I have been training for the Yorkshire Marathon which was meant to take place in October 2020 this year. However, given the current circumstances it has been postponed to October 2021.

When I received the news, I pretty much expected it not to go ahead but a part of me was disheartened as I have been really stepping up my training recently and was gearing myself up for it.

I am imagining that you, the reader, are reading this post because you have also received similar news that your sporting event has been cancelled and I am presuming you are looking for ways to move forward and remain motivated through this time.

So, I have put together some helpful tips which I hope will enable you to see the positive side to this situation and help you continue to strive for goals and maintain the sport that you are involved in.

*Disclaimer - I would just like to say that I completely understand the reasoning for the cancelling of this event and I believe the safety of our people to be paramount throughout this strange time.*

Tip 1 - Process the Information

When/if you have received confirmation that your sporting event has been cancelled, take the time to process the information you are being told. A lot of events have moved the date to a similar time next year so have a look at the date and see if you’re available. If you’re not available, what are the terms if you need to be refunded or is there maybe a virtual challenge you can take part in instead?

Make sure you understand the information being published about the event in case you have any questions.

Tip 2 - Try to Remain Positive

It is likely that you have put in a lot of training for your upcoming event and are feeling a little disheartened but try and look on the bright side.

You have put in maximum effort now, so you know what your body can do it and you have increased your fitness level also. You can also reflect on your journey and understand what you need to do better next time in order to maximise your potential when it comes to training again.

Tip 3 - Reassess Your Running Goals

Looking back over your training, think about whether you are in the right position to be able to still complete your aimed race distance that you signed up for.

If the answer is no, then maybe aim for your supposed running distance next year and use the end of this year to complete some smaller goals such as running a half marathon instead of a full marathon or 10k instead of 10 miles etc.

Tip 4 - Seek Support / Community in Similar Situation

I am sure there will be lots of people in a similar situation to yourself so maybe see if there are any forums or people in your running group for example that you can talk to and receive some moral support from.

There is such a sense of community in sports so being able to chat to some people you know in your running or cycling group may help you digest the information better and give you a clearer idea of how other people are reacting to the cancellation.

Tip 5 - Still Go Ahead with Your Event - Virtually

Considering the amount of training that has gone into your sporting event already, is there a way you can achieve your race but on your own?

For example, it you had signed up to the Yorkshire Marathon like myself, is there a way you can run a marathon around the same date as to when your race was for?

Yes, you won’t have the atmosphere however you will still feel a great sense of achievement and fulfilment once you have completed it.

Tip 6 - Running Challenges on Strava

If you’re still feeling lost or want to not work towards a running goal this year but still want to maintain your running habits then maybe look on Strava and see if there are any challenges you would like to sign up to on there and work towards.

The challenges are free and you receive a trophy in your trophy case if you complete them giving you a sense of achievement virtually!

Tip 7 - Organise Group Runs

Again, similar to the above point, if you’re looking to still maintain running but not really wanting to focus on any goals then why not organise a social running group a couple of times a week to get your legs moving.

Tip 8 - Start a Training Plan for Next Year

Start to look forward to your event again by planning out your training plan more throughly this year and taking into account all the mistakes or things you could learn from this year. Doing this will put you in better stead for next year.

Overall, I believe it is important to try and maintain some sort of fitness even if you decide not to work towards a goal however I do feel like taking a break is also important to allow your body time to rest and start a fresh ready for next year.

Let me know in the comments if your sporting event has been cancelled and which event you were hoping to complete.

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