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Visualisation Routine - Everyone Needs to Try This!

Recently I have been using visualisation to start off my mornings and it has been a game changer so I wanted to share my routine with you and to help you make the very most out of visualisation. It doesn't take long, is effective and makes you feel super productive when it comes to completing your goals/tasks for the day. Therefore sit back and witness the process in changing the way you achieve your goals.

Set the Same Wake Up Time Daily

I like to practice visualisation first thing in the morning (before anything else) so I make sure that I set myself the same wake up time daily to ensure I am sticking to the same routine. Setting the same wake up time is also impacted by having the same bed time so make sure you are consistent first thing in the morning and last thing at night in order to achieve a good start to the day.

Dedicated Note Book

If you love stationery like I do then I would suggest you buy yourself a dedicated notebook to keep all your inspiring and powerful thoughts in. I was gifted this notebook by some of my friends but if you're looking for stationery inspiration then I would suggest shopping at Wilko's, Paperchase or Papier to name but a few.

Start with the Date

I don't know why but by writing the date at the top of the page it makes you feel organised and prepared for the day ahead. It also allows you to track your progress and what you were visualising on that day in a years time.

Walk Through Your Day

Now is the time to visually picture your day and everything that you want to do in the day ahead. I start by writing down my morning routine e.g. exercising, self care, breakfast etc and then lead into the things I want to work towards or the tasks I have to do in the day and then finish off with wiring down my evening routine. I also include feelings once I have completed my tasks and anything else that makes the day really come to life on paper.

Use a Visualisation Board

Another way you can visualise is by using a visualisation board to manifest your goals in the future. You can visualise how you will feel, where you will be, what will happen on the day that you achieve your overarching goal. This method particularly helps if you are struggling with discipline during the process of your goal as it will give you a reminder as to why you are going through your goal journey and a reminder to keep going.

Take Action

Last but not least, it is then time to take action and conquer the day. It is useful to visualise your day but ultimately you then have to take action to achieve your goals and make your visualise come true.

Trust me, give visualisation a try and thank me later! Also, let me know in the comments if you have practiced visualisation before and if you have found it helpful.

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