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Trusting Your Intuition When Goal Achieving

Often we set goals and then share our goals with other people. Sometimes we have good feedback and receive motivation and excitement but other times you could receive comments like ‘are you sure you can do that?’ which can then plant the seed of self doubt.

People who ask these questions don’t meant to spark self doubt but these comments can lead to this which is why trusting your intuition and having the belief in yourself that you can achieve these goals is SO important. Not just for fighting any comments that are discouraging but also fighting against yourself when/and if you start to become unmotivated.

Therefore, I have put together 5 tips for building back up your confidence and learning how to trust your intuition when you become unmotivated or discouraged.

Tip 1 - Refer Back to Your Why

Every goal has a why behind it. When setting goals, it is unlikely that you would have set a goal without having a purpose or reason as to why you want to achieve it.

So when times get tough, think back to WHY you are wanting to achieve your goal. Is it to raise money for charity, give yourself financial freedom, work towards greater things in the future. Whatever your why may be, use this as a reminder and fuel to keep pushing you forward.

Tip 2 - How YOU Will Feel if You Don’t Complete It

When initially setting your goals, it is likely that you would have attached a positive feeling towards the goal and set yourself an expectation of how you would like to feel once you have completed it e.g. relief, a great sense of achievement, feeling proud, happy etc.

Refer back to how you want to feel when you complete your goal and then think about how you will feel if you don’t take the action today to move you towards your goal. You are likely to feel a bit rubbish, unmotivated or annoyed at yourself if you don’t complete the action today to move you closer to feeling accomplished when you achieve your goal.

So take action today and work towards the feeling you have anticipated you will feel when you finally achieve your goal.

Tip 3 - Learn to Ignore Your Brain

Our brain wants to keep us safe. When it senses danger or fear it will put on the brakes and start feeding you with negative thoughts to try and stop you from achieving your goal.

As you go through your goal journey, it is important to refer back to point 1 and 2 in order to ignore the negativity and instead, use it was power to keep pushing you on.

Tip 4 - Learning to be Resilient

Once the above 3 points have been considered, you then just need to do it and take the next action to get you closer to your goal.

At the end of the day, you are the only one who is stopping you. Ignore everyone else and the negative part of your brain that is making excuses; it is you and your resilience that will get you closer to your goal - nobody else.

Take action today and reap the benefits once your goal is complete. You will be glad you took action - trust me.

Tip 5 - Scripting & Journalling

This is a practice that I would love to take up and keep up as I have heard such powerful benefits from scripting in particular.

Scripting is a practice whereby you write out a day in the future when you have achieved your goal. You can talk about your feelings, surroundings, mundane things, anything that you can think of that will be important to you when you have achieved your goal. The reasoning why this practice is so effective is because you are manifesting this day into your future and encouraging it to happen. This is a good practice to do either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Journalling is also an effective method when it comes to believing in yourself and trusting your intuition. Journalling is so versatile as you can journal in whatever style you’d like as well as journalling about anything you like. It allows for an opportunity to release any tension and write freely which is thought to be effective in bring your goals closer in reach.

We know ourselves better than anybody else. Therefore if you know deep down that the goal you are actioning is achievable for you and something you really want to do then what are you waiting for - go for it!

I would love to know one goal you are determined to achieve - let me know in the comments!

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