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The Ultimate Self Care Guide: Lifestyle

The Ultimate Self Care Guide: Lifestyle is part two of the two-part series in 'The Ultimate Self Care Guide'. This blog post has been designed for women who like to spend time recharging through watching Netflix, reading books or just getting cosy in their pyjamas. This post is a good follow on from the first post in this series which I have linked here if you're looking for the ultimate pamper night - beauty and all! Keep reading until the end too to get a free copy of 'The Ultimate Self Care Checklist' to help with your self care preparations.


Cosy PJ's




Shows to Watch

A - Selling Sunset - Netflix

B - The Great British Bake Off - Channel 4

C - The Crown - Netflix

D - The Stranger - Netflix

E - White Lines - Netflix


Hot Chocolate

Sleep Products






You should be all set for your ultimate self care day/night after reading part 1 and 2 now! To make sure you don't forget anything, check out 'The Ultimate Self Care Checklist' below for all your pamper needs.

Let me know in the comments if you found this series helpful and what self care rituals you will be doing

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