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The Ultimate Guide to Self Care

If you're a regular reader of Lifeful Lifestyle then you will know that self care is so important in maintaining a healthy and mindful lifestyle. Self care is a chance for you to relax and unwind from the day or prepare and energise for the day ahead.

So today I wanted to share with you 8 different categories of self care along with ways in which you can practise these in your day to day life.

Physical Self Care:

Practicing habits that enhance your physical health is classed as 'physical self care.' Some ways to help enhance your physical self care are:

- Balanced Diet

- Exercise

- Drinking Water

- Slee Routine

Emotional Self Care:

This form of self care is defined as caring for your emotional needs by identifying and nurturing your feelings, your conscious inner state, and your intellect. By practising this form of self care, we are looking out for our minds and allowing ourselves to ride the wave that is emotion. Some ways to practice emotional self care are:

- Journalling

- Working on Your Coping Skills - this could be that you discover you're better coping alone with your emotions or you prefer to talking to someone about them

- Practice a creative hobby such as painting or crafts

Self Care at Work:

Yes you can practice self care at work! We all have to work to be able to earn a living so why not make our work enjoyable and not stressful by practicing some self care. Ways in which you could practise self care at work are:

- Time Management - which is a good thing to work on to prevent you from feeling stressed

- Setting Boundaries

- Taking Breaks

Social Self Care:

To put it simply, social self care is a way for you to have fun with your friends and people you love. If you're a social bee and feel reenergised when surrounded by people then check out these ways to practice this form of self care:

- Build Your Support System - know who you want to surround yourself with. Make sure you are supporting yourself with people who bring you up

- Digital Detox - a little contradictory but hear me out! Try a. digital detox once in a while to enable you to spend time in real life with the people you love rather than communicating online with them

Spiritual Self Care:

This self care category will help you heal with your inner self and engage in a sense of connection with ones self. There are so many ways you can practice this form of self care such as:

- Meditation (Guided or Self)

- Time Alone - for some this helps them recharge their batteries

- Walking and Taking in Nature - listening to the sounds of nature and not music or a podcast

- Praying

- Reading a sacred text

Personal Self Care:

This is the most basic form of self care and should be the form of self care we practice regularly. It is basically all the little ways we take care of ourselves to avoid a breakdown in areas of our health. Some ideas for how to practice this daily are:

- Pursuing our hobbies

- Taking up a creative project

- Reading

- Pampering ourselves

- Exercising (light or moderate)

- Buying yourself some chocolates or a bunch of flowers

Space Self Care:

If you like everything to be organised and gain pleasure from this then you are practicing a form of self care called 'Space Self Care.' This category of self care could be defined as getting enjoyment from things being organised and tidy. Some ways to enhance this form of self care are:

- Making your space minimalistic

- Organising your space

- Decluttering every week / month / year

- Tidying after you've used something

Money Self Care:

Believe it or not but by looking after your money is also a form of self care. By knowing that your expenses are organised and you have what you need, this can be reassuring to some. So below I have included ways you can practice money self care:

- Budgeting

- Keeping a record of income and expenditure

- Setting a savings goal

- Treating yourself

So as you can see, you can practice self care in pretty much any area of your life from work all the way to personal, daily self care. Having a small chunk of time everyday for self care will lift your spirits and keep you feeling positive! This template will be able to help you as well when it comes to writing things you can do to practice self care. You can download it here.


This blog post is Day 18 out of the January Series where I will be uploading 31 blog posts to help you kick start your 2021 in the right way and to help you become the best version of you.

Leave a comment below if you have any blog post ideas that you would like me to do in the future

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