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The Habit Loop

If you saw my IGTV in November then you would have heard about the habit loop but if not then in today's post I am going to tell you all about it!

There are 3 parts to the habit loop - cue, routine and reward. Below I have gone into a little bit more detail about each part along with some resources that can help you when looking to start new habits.

Part 1 - Cue

The cue to starting any habit is having a trigger that signals the brain that it is time to start that habit basically. It's as easy as that! So one of your habits could be doing morning stretches. Therefore your alarm in the morning is your cue to then do your morning stretches.

There are also some other triggers that are perhaps a bit more common when it comes to starting a new habit:

- Time

- Location

- Preceding Event

- Emotional State

- Other People

These triggers are defined more on James Clear's website which I have linked here

Part 2 - Routine

Next we have the stage of forming your new habits into a regular routine. In order to do this, it is a good idea to break your habits down into small, manageable steps so you don't get overwhelmed! The routine part of the habit loop is also identifying the behaviour that you wish to change. By breaking the routine up and adding in smaller changes to lead to a more positive routine is a good way to start

Part 3 - Reward

The way that a habit becomes a habit is by the brain remembering the positive reinforcement it received when doing it therefore making the brain remember the habit it did and knowing that if it does it again it will receive a good reward.

Rewards could be tangible for example chocolate or intangible such as watching your favourite Netflix show

Below I have linked a few resources to help when it comes to habits, building them and sticking to them:

Atomic Habits by James Clear - Buy Here *affiliate link

Habit Tracker - Buy Here

Some Apps for your phone - myfitnesspal and productive

So to clarify, to build a strong habit it is important to build a cue, have a routine and finally have a reward so you will do the habit again. Give it try for yourself by downloading and using the habit loop template here.


This blog post is Day 19 out of the January Series where I will be uploading 31 blog posts to help you kick start your 2021 in the right way and to help you become the best version of you.

Leave a comment below if you have any blog post ideas that you would like me to do in the future

See you tomorrow for another blog post! :)

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