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The Essentials To Start Your Fitness Journey

If you're a beginner to fitness or you're keen to start your fitness journey but are unsure how then this blog post is for you! Today I share with you 2 forms of essentials in a fitness journey - 1. Mental Strategies and 2. Equipment Essentials.

This blog post is designed to help you get underway with your fitness journey with some mindset strategies that have helped me in my fitness journey along with some pieces of equipment that have been super useful!

Tip 1 - Commitment

In order to achieve a goal effectively you need to fully commit to what you're wanting to achieve. Without fully committing you are likely to loose sight of your goal and not achieve it in the way you'd hope.

If your goal is to start your fitness journey and become a more fitter/healthier version of you then commit that to yourself and tell yourself that you are deserving of going on your fitness journey, no matter how hard it will be sometimes.

Once you have given yourself the green light, next you can start to visualise your journey...

Tip 2 - Vision Board

Surround yourself with your dream. Find photos online that represent what you want your journey to look like and what you want the end result to be.

Leave your vision board near where you wake up so you can wake up in the morning and be presented with your dreams and what your focus will be during the day.

Tip 3 - Something is Always Better Than Nothing

You only have time for a 10 minute workout - that's fine. You could only eat 3 out of 5 of your fruit and veg - that's fine too. Something is always better than nothing. If you're not feeling a workout when you have planned to do one then go for a short walk instead to get your body moving in a different way.

Accept that you will have bad days or days where you don't want to do that workout or eat healthy but by doing something that will move you closer to your goal is always better than nothing.

Tip 4 - Consider Your Thoughts

Take into account your thoughts before, during and after a workout. You will notice that your thoughts will likely change from unwilling -> enjoyment -> feeling satisfied and happy.

Not everyone will feel motivated to exercise all the time but the key to exercise and doing it is knowing how good you will feel once you have done your workout or gone for that run. They say that you never regret a workout and it is so true!

Tip 5 - Fitness Plan

Find a plan that works for you. There are so many plans online that will guide you through your fitness journey depending on what your end goal is so use them and adapt them so they fit in with your lifestyle.

If the plan says to workout for 30 minutes 5-6 times a week but you can only do 3-4 days a week then swap out the 2 other workouts for walking or cycling to work instead.

Make exercise work for you and for your lifestyle. By doing this you will find that you'll look forward to your journey as it becomes part of your lifestyle.

Tip 6 - Track Your Progress

I can't express how important this is in your fitness journey! By tracking your progress you are able to look back at how far you have come and it will help motivate you to keep going.

So use a bullet journal, an app on your phone, Strava, create an Instagram account - anything to keep you motivated to continue your journey

Tip 7 - Inspiration

Surround yourself with people who will be there to pick you up when you fall or when you aren't feeling motivated that day. Try and find a workout buddy or someone who is wanting to achieve the same things as you. Having people around you who share the same interests and goals as you makes your journey so much easier as you can help support each other.

The fitness community on Instagram as well is such a great one to get involved in as you all help boost each others motivation and be there to support when someone is having a wobble.


Now that you have the mental essentials to help kick start your fitness journey, I want to share with you some equipment that I have been using during my fitness journey which I hope will help you too!

  • YouTube

I can't stress enough how useful YouTube is for your fitness journey! Not only is there millions of workout videos for all levels on there but you can search for tips on how to run better, what equipment you need for different weather conditions as well as communicate with a great community.

Some YouTuber's I would suggest to check out are: Joe Wicks, Chloe Ting, Blogilates, FoodFitnessFlora

  • Strava

This app is incredible! If you are running as part of your fitness journey then I would highly suggest downloading Strava. It is free but you can pay a subscription for some extra features but truthfully the free version is just as good in my opinion. You can record your runs, explore and create routes, link up with other runners, track your progress, sign up to challenges and so much more. Strava also records cycling and swimming activities too.

Download Strava here

  • Interval Timer

You can find some free and good quality interval timers on your App Store which are great for when you're doing your own workout and need something that can track your reps if you're doing something such as HIIT. An interval timer is also great for when you are doing intervals in running as you can set the timer for a 1 minute interval and 30 second cool down and put this on repeat.

  • Gym Clothes

If you're starting your fitness journey then of course you're going to need some clothes to work out in! Some brands that I like to buy from are: Nike, GymShark, Sweaty Betty and Karrimor but some high street stores also do some great activewear such as ASOS. Have a shop around and see what activewear works best for you. I would recommend if you're starting out buying gym clothes, starting with: short and long sleeve top, lightweight jacket (waterproof as well if possible), leggings, sports bra and trainer socks

  • Sweatband

If you're like me and wear your hair up but still get wispy bits that fall in front of your face whilst your exercising or you just want something to keep your ears warm in the colder months, I would suggest purchasing a sweatband. I have linked some affordable ones below for you to check out:

- Nike Training Swoosh Headband - Buy Here

- Adidas Adicolour Cuff Beanie - Buy Here

- Karrimor Thermal Hat - Buy Now

  • Trainers

You need good quality trainers that will look after your feet whilst you're on the move. If you look after your feet then they will look after you! You will know instantly when trying on a trainer as to whether it will be a good shoe, won't rub and will support your feet so keep searching until you find the perfect one!

  • Small Weights

If you're doing some strength training as part of your journey then I would suggest getting some small weights to begin with and then work your way up as you progress. I have linked below the weight company that I use and they come in various different weights. Alternatively, you can use items around your house such as water bottles and cans. These items will work just as well!

Buy Here *affiliate link

  • Resistance Bands

Similarly to the weights, it is good to have some resistance bands to build up your muscles in a different way as well as mix things up a little bit. Below I have linked the bands that I have so you can check them out:

Buy Here *affiliate link

I hope this blog post has been an informative and a useful guide for when it comes to starting your fitness journey. I have put together a 'Fitness at Home Checklist', which you can download here, so you have everything you need to start your fitness journey.


This blog post is Day 4 of my January Series so if you would like to catch up on the other blog posts I have uploaded, check them out on the home page.

Let me know in the comments if you have any blog posts that you would like me to cover in the future

See you tomorrow for another new post!

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