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The Art of Resilience: Book Review

I have set myself the aim of reading more in my spare time. I have noticed that over lockdown 2.0 I have spent more time scrolling than putting my time into something more meaningful. Therefore, I decided to set myself the goal to read more.

The first book on my TBR (to be read) pile was Ross Edgley's 'The Art of Resilience.' What an amazingly inspiring memoir of a book.

To give you a bit of context about the book, below I have included a summary of its contents:



Ross has been studying the art of resilience for years, undertaking extreme experiments that have pushed his body to it's furthest limits. Having famously run a marathon pulling a 1.4 tonne car and climbed a rope the height of Everest, he is no stranger to a challenge. And on 4th November 2018, Ross became the first person in history to swim all the way around Great Britain.

During this epic, 1,780 mile journey, Ross swam among giant jellyfish and through arctic storms, 'haunted' whirlpools and populated shipping lanes, going so hard and so fast that his tongue fell apart. Now, for the first time, Ross shares how he conquered this intimidating world-first adventure, focusing on mental strength, stoicism and the training needed to create an unbreakable mind and body.

Using his own gruelling experience and other amazing endurance feats, Ross analyses the performance of extreme athletes and military and fitness specialists to uncover the secrets of mental and physical fitness. He explores in depth the concepts of resilience, persistence valour and a disciplined mindset in overcoming adversity.

This ground-breaking book represents a paradigm shift in what we thought the human body and mind were capable of and will give you a blueprint for becoming a tougher, more resilient and ultimately better human - whatever the challenge you face.


Pretty mind blowing right?!

Before I go into my thoughts and feelings on this book, I just wanted to share with you the layout and some facts about the book to give those who like some book stats some further information.


Genre: Biography

Number of Pages: 320 pages

Number of Chapters: 30

Where to Buy:

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Other Books Written by Ross:

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Overall, the book was fascinating and there were times, especially at the beginning, where I couldn't put the book down. The storytelling of his journey is so well written and takes you through each location and stage step by step.

Ross is telling his journey through a number of different life lessons which relate to different stages of his journey. The lessons include the point he has got to in his journey along with some mindset strategies that helped him get through certain points as well as some scientific information to provide some learning about the mind and body as well.

There were also some extreme scenarios which you could never dream of happening but did and it is interesting to see Ross and his boat captain, Matt's take to the scenarios and how they dealt with them.

The book became even more hard hitting when Ross receives some upsetting news to which he used to power him on and achieve his challenge.

In summary, I really enjoyed reading 'The Art of Resilience.' It was easy to digest with diagrams and charts to support the information written. I loved reading about Ross' journey and believing that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. I have taken away 22, inspiring lessons which I will implement and use towards my future goals.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in incredible, momentous sporting achievements/life stories as well as those with a keen interest in the psychobiology link between our mind and body to give this book a read - you won't regret it!

Star Rating: 5/5

Let me know in the comments if you have read 'The Art of Resilience' before or if not, what book you are currently reading or can recommend to read in December

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