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The 1 Hour Morning Routine

Do you want to start building a morning routine that makes you feel inspired, motivated and ready for the day ahead?

After reading the first chapter of ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod, I was taken back by his method of completing 6 simple habits for 10 minutes each and every morning. He said once he had completed these habits he felt excited to do them again the following morning because of how good and productive he felt in the mornings.

I found the habits so inspiring, simple and doable that I thought I would share them with you so you can start your day in a positive way.

Habit 1: Meditation

Completing meditation first thing in the morning reaps multiple benefits such as a clearer mind, a sense of calm and some you time before your day begins. You can do a guided meditation based on how you want to feel each day or you can practice a self taught meditation where you practice on your breathing.

For guided meditations, I would recommend Great Meditation on Youtube

Habit 2: Affirmations

Following on from your meditation, you should be in a relaxed state of mind and your morning fog has lifted. Journalling your affirmations will encourage you to believe and manifest certain things or feelings about yourself or the topic you want to focus on and bring into your life.

Affirmation topic ideas could be focusing on: your health, your career path, your friends and family, relationships, hobbies, emotions, money.

Habit 3: Visualisation

Leading on from affirmations, use your affirmations to help guide your visualisation. Practising visualisation is a really powerful tool to visual what you want your life to look like or what you want a certain event to look like.

It is generally used when working towards a goal. Ways you can practise visualisation are: scripting (writing a accurate day in the life in the future of you achieving your goal), closing your eyes and picturing you achieving your goal, looking or creating a visualisation board and focusing on this each day.

Habit 4: Journalling

The next step is to then journal. Journal your thoughts, feelings, what you want to achieve today, how you’re going to get there, writing about anything that’s on your mind etc.

Journalling can benefit in ways such as a brain dump where you can extract all your thoughts and feelings onto paper to allow more brain space for you to work towards your goals, it can also help you look back over entries in the past and see how far you have come, provide you with positive self talk and help you understand how to deal with negative self talk.

Habit 5: Reading

Spending 10 minutes a day reading a non-fiction book, informative article or even a fiction book will allow you to educate yourself and provide you with a sense of escapism. It also allows you to improve focus and memory as well as reduce stress so you have a positive start to your day.

Habit 6: Exercise

Getting your body moving in the morning will allow for endorphins to kick in and give you a positive energy boost. It will also improve your health, mental wellbeing and get you ready for the day ahead. Exercising in the morning doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, you can do a spot of yoga or pilates or you could go on a 10 minute run / walk. Whatever you feel you want to do exercise wise that morning is fine.

You may choose to extend this 10 minutes to allow you some more time to do a proper work out or go for a proper run / bike ride.

So having a strong morning routine will give you a really positive start to the morning and will allow you to feel more awake, productive and motivated towards conquering the day! Let me know in the comments what your favourite thing to do in the morning is.

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