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9 Successful Entrepreneur Habits To Create Your Own Morning Routine

Ever wondered how someone got to where they are today? Yes, they are determined, willing and hard working but above all they complete the same ritual every morning which keeps them stay consistent.

Below I have listed the morning habits of 9 successful entrepreneurs and how you can implement these habits into your daily lives.

Habit #1: Jack Dorsey - Co-Founder of Twitter and Square

Jack wakes up early, around 5:30am every morning to meditate and jog 6 miles

Habit #2: Mark Zuckerberg - Co-Founder of Facebook

First thing in the morning, Mark exercises. Whether that be walking the dog, going on a jog or doing a morning workout.

Habit #3: Jennifer Aniston - Actress, Producer and Business Women

First thing Jennifer does when she wakes up is do a short skincare routine and meditate for 20 minutes.

Habit #4: Baroness Karren Brady - Business Women, Journalist and Broadcaster

The first thing that Karren likes to do in the morning is some brain training. She will usually find the hardest Sudoko puzzle in the newspaper and aim to complete it within 10 minutes accompanied with a strong coffee

Habit #5: Sheryl Sandberg - CEO of Facebook

In order for Sheryl to have a good morning, she will turn off all technology before she goes to sleep in order for her to get a good nights sleep

Habit #6: Oprah Winfrey - Media Executive and Actress

When Oprah initially wakes up, she will exercise and mediate but then she will ‘tune herself in’ by listening to a podcast to get her ready for the day ahead

Habit #7: Arianna Huffington - CEO of The Huffington Post

Arianna, first thing in the morning, will complete some morning meditation

Habit #8: Tony Robbins - Author, Coach and Motivational Speaker

To get his body awake and the blood pumping, every morning Tony takes a dip in his cold plunge pool. Many of us won’t have a plunge pool at home but having a cold shower every morning is the exact same thing

Habit #9: Steve Jobs - Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc

Steve used to wake up every morning and ask himself the same question: “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?” If his response was ‘no’ too often, he knew he needed to change something.

Habits to Form Your Own Morning Routine

After reflecting on these habits, you can learn a lot about what successful entrepreneurs have done first thing in the morning to get themselves ready for the day ahead. Below I have included a little summary of the habits that you can start forming in order to have a successful start to your day.

  1. Wake Up Early - most of the entrepreneurs studied wake up between 4:30am - 8am so start your day early to get a head start

  2. Take a Cold Shower - by having a cold shower you are radically changing your body’s temperature therefore forcing it to wake up a lot quicker

  3. Switch off Technology - when getting ready for bed, make sure to switch off your technology so you can get a good nights sleep

  4. Exercise - get your body moving whether that be yoga, a home workout, running, cycling, walking - anything as long as it gets your blood pumping

  5. Brain Training - wake up your brain first thing in the morning by completing a Sudoko puzzle or maybe a cross word. Get your brain thinking!

  6. Meditation - as mentioned in a previous post, there are many different forms of meditation such as: meditation on focus, success, motivation etc

  7. Reflections / Affirmations - by working on your affirmations and reflecting on your day ahead, you are creating the power you need to create a good day ahead of you. Decide the direction of your day by completing this step.

  8. Educate Yourself - listen to a podcast or something uplifting/motivating to help tune yourself in to what’s going on around you and motivate you to succeed.

  9. Don’t Use Your Phone First Thing - after looking at all these entrepreneurs habits and successes, you may notice that they don’t mention anywhere about using their smart phone first thing in the morning. Therefore, try and wake up and do something non-technology related first thing in the morning.

Now you have the information and habits that successful entrepreneurs take to improve their life and form a successful base around them there is nothing stopping you from creating success for yourself.

Ask yourself “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?” to determine what you want to do today in order to move you closer to success.

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