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Stuck in a Rut? Try This...

Something I have taught myself from both personal experience as well as through my online course for Life Coaching is that if you are stuck in a rut, feeling overwhelmed or stressed about something, it is good to take a step back and reassess the situation.

If you avoid doing this then you are likely to fall into the trap where you just keep getting stuck in the same scenario again and again and not developing or moving forward.

Therefore, I wanted to share with you two tips that have helped me and that I have also learnt to help get out of a rut and move past it.

Identify What Is Keeping You In A Rut

Acknowledging and recognising what it is that is keeping you in a rut is the first and most significant step in developing and moving on from your rut. If you don't identify the problem then how can you move forward?

So over the next couple of days, weeks or even month, keep a journal with you and write down every time that you feel stuck, overwhelmed or stressed.

By keeping a log you can then look back and try and find a link between what it was you were doing that then resulted in you getting in a rut, overwhelmed or stressed.

Once you know the key factors, now is your opportunity to make a change to prevent you from feeling that way again. For example: it could be recognising that when you get little sleep you feel more stressed therefore try and get more sleep and put a bedtime routine in place to help you develop your sleep time.

Making a change doesn't have to be drastic. It is simply acknowledging the problem and putting measures in place to prevent you from feeling a certain way again or to help yourself.

To Do List

Another thing I like to do when feeling stuck, overwhelmed or stressed, is sitting down and taking 5 minutes out of my day to write a to do list of everything that is a PRIORITY to get done that day. Not 'it would be good if I could get this done' or 'I really would like to do this today but it's not a urgent to do.'

Only make a list of tasks that have a deadline attached to them and that you have to do today. Save your other tasks for another day. By doing this you are likely to whittle down your to do list by at least half which will help relieve some pressure of your shoulders.


I hope this blog post has helped you if you are currently feeling this way or will benefit your future self in time to come. Leave a comment below and let me know anything you do to help yourself relieve overwhelm.


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