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Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

We all do it. We all think to ourselves we would love to do something, go somewhere, take that leap but we don't actually do it. We stop ourselves. We create reasons why we shouldn't do something instead of thinking why we should do something and to go for it. Why is that? Are we scared? Are we too lazy? Do we really not want it enough? Whatever the reason, I hope the tips I have listed below help you get up and do the things you long to do.

Sit Down With Yourself:

Take time to sit down and think what you would like to achieve. What thoughts pop into your head when you have a blank page in front of you. Do you suddenly daydream about sitting in a bookshop with a good book and let the time pass you by by getting engrossed in something you're loving. Do you find yourself thinking about the summer and how you would love to book a trip away and explore what the world has to offer. Do you think about your career and how you would love to change your path or try something completely different. Whatever your mind trails off and thinks about write it down.


Once you have a list of what you are currently thinking about and wanting to do, look back over them again and think about how you are feeling. Are you feeling excited about reading in a bookshop or are you feeling a bit nervous and start doubting yourself when wanting to change career paths? Whatever your emotion, write it down in a different colour next to each daydream you are thinking of.

Positive Thinking:

For the things you are feeling positive and excited about, take actions right now. Book a afternoon in your diary to allow yourself to go to a bookshop and bury your head in a good book. Or take time to sit down with your partner one night after work and discuss where you both want to go and start booking places for your holidays. Hold on to your positive emotions in the beginning of this exercise as these are important to reflect on when it comes to doing the task and reminding yourself that this is something you really want to do and to stop making excuses.

Negative Emotions:

Now move on to the things that you felt negativity about. Take each thing one by one and write down why you are feeling that emotion. For example, when writing down that you want to set up your own business or take a different career path and you write down that you are feeling doubtful about this or that you can't do it it is important to understand why you are feeling like this. Take time to journal your emotions and work out why you have put this barrier in place. Once you have worked this out, screw up the pieces of paper with the negativity on and chuck it in the bin or shred it. Whilst doing this, imagine blowing a dandelion and all the seeds coming of it as a sign of letting it go.

Now on a different piece of paper, write down all the positive things that can come from starting your own business such as freedom, doing your own thing, creativity, being your own boss. Now your thoughts are filled with positivity and a new feeling towards the thing you want to do.


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