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Stationery Must Have's for Study

If you have been active on my blog recently you would have seen that last Sunday I uploaded a blog post on ways to build a successful study routine. If not, I have linked it here for you!

Well with every good study routine, you need a strong stationery collection behind you. So in today's post and to acknowledge World Student's Day which takes place tomorrow, I have put together a tick list blog post to give you some ideas of what a strong stationery collection entails along with some recommended shops listed at the end to give you some inspo when finding cute stationery.


Having a good selection of folders e.g. A4, A5, binder, lever arch, 2 ring bound, 4 ring bound etc is ideal when you are study multiple subjects and topics. They keep your work organised and all in one place making topics easy to find. You can find more ways of organising your folder below...


Linking to folder organisation, having plastic wallets to keep content in and to prevent pieces of paper in your wallet from ripping is a good way to keep content organised. You can easily flip through each page and save space by putting in pages back to back rather than viewing one page at a time.


Depending on the topics or subjects you cover, you could have multiple different sub headings under one topic therefore having dividers to help section out your content will help keep you organised.


You're going to need somewhere to make notes right? Whether you prefer the folder organisation method or keeping all your notes in a dedicated note book instead, make sure you have the appropriate notebook that works for you

To Do List:

Having a to do list is ideal if you like to keep on top of your work load and feel a sense of accomplishment when you tick off each task you complete throughout the day. You can get post it note to do lists all the way up to larger to do lists - the choice is yours!


I absolutely love using highlighters. My favourite colour is the pastel collection as I love the colours and feel like they make super pretty notes!


If you're making lots of notes then you're going to need some good quality pens to keep up with all your writing. Pens also come in a range of colours such as pink, blue, red, green etc. I personally prefer to keep it simple with black pens and then go in with some highlighting but the choice is yours.


There is a fabulous timetable pad that you can get from Paperchase that is superb if you are looking to have a view of your week at a glance and to know what you need to study, when. It is also useful if you need to share your schedule with someone else such as a class mate so you can both keep on track together


Similarly to a timetable, you can also keep track of your study schedule by using a planner. By using a planner you will be able to have a bit more space to write down your to do's or action plan for the day.

Places to Shop for Gorgeous Stationery:

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