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Small, Daily Mindset Shifts

Let's face it, some days are better than others but is this because of the mindset and outlook we have on particular days? If we are feeling a bit low and negative on one day then are we more likely to look at that day more negatively than positively despite there being good things that may have happened that day?

Our mindset is such a powerful tool therefore nurturing it and giving it the very best start to the day possible will help shape how we view the rest of our day and the situations we may face.

Therefore, I wanted to share with you some ways in which you can nurture and look after your mind to equip it with the very best outlook, ready for the day.

Journalling and Manifesting

Give journalling a go before anything else in the morning. By emptying your thoughts first thing, you are already putting how you feel and the day ahead of you into perspective. You are also catching any negative thoughts and giving yourself the opportunity to change them around before your day has even started.

Follow journalling with manifestation straight after as it will enable you to build strong, powerful foundations to bring your dream life closer to you. We all want to live our dream life so picturing this and working towards it first thing will most likely put you in the best mood!


By practicing meditation you are enabling your mind to focus on it's surrounding, a guided meditation or your thoughts.

By sectioning out a chunk of time, even if it is just 5 minutes a day to meditate, you are training your brain to be more mindful and assertive when approached with particular situations. It is also a nice opportunity for you to have some 'you time' before the emails start binging or the phone starts ringing.

So in summary, meditation and journalling sets you up for the day and manifestation enables you to ground your mind and allows it to focus on what you are working towards.


Practicing gratitude will help your mind become more grateful for the small things that the majority of us take for granted. Somethings you could be grateful for are: hot water, warm clothes, a roof over your head, a laptop to develop my dreams, friends and family nearby etc

Think of Others

Let's be honest, naturally our brains are accustomed to thinking about ourselves and our needs but try and make a conscious effort to think about others people and their needs too. Try and set yourself the aim of doing a minimum of one, small act of kindness a day for someone else. This could be making a cup of tea for someone, giving your friend a call etc.

Not only will doing a small act of kindness for someone else make them feel good but it will also make you feel good too!

Catch Yourself and Turn It Around

Be self aware of your thoughts and emotions. Not so much so that you start to overthink your thoughts or emotions but enough so you can catch yourself in a negative thought process so you can then turn it around into a positive. Try and prevent yourself from sticking in your negative thoughts and instead switch your thoughts around to something more positive or encouraging such as "how can I overcome this?" or "I am feeling like this so I am going to do this to make me feel better"

Moving Your Body

Not only does exercise have good physical benefits but more so it has positive mental benefits as well. So if you find yourself in a negative rut then perhaps step outside and have a wonder or stretch your body with some yoga or go for a run. By moving your body you are getting your positive emotions running which will help improve your mental processes.

I really hope that by doing these small, daily mindset shifts will help your mind lead a more positive outlook.

Let me know in the comments how you help yourself maintain a positive mindset.


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