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Scripting Your Way to Success

This is something I have only come across briefly but I thought it may help some people out there who like journalling and writing down emotions to get them to where they need to be. Below I have written down some key points when it comes to understanding what scripting is and how it can benefit you in the future.

What is Scripting?

Scripting is a form of visualisation. It helps you to write down everything you want to feel when you have completed a particular goal or ambition.

Why Scripting Works?

Scripting allows you to write down words, stories and emotions in the future tense so you can imagine how you're going to feel once you have made your achievement. For example: you could write down your goal at the top like starting my own business. Then below, you can describe what you will see when you complete this goal, how you will feel, is there anything in your mouth that you can taste like a glass of prosecco to celebrate, can you smell anything, what can you hear?

Going through the 5 senses will really help you in allowing yourself to feeling the moment and to make it seem like you have already got there. This will in turn make you feel so good that it will motivate you to get to that story and picture you have just visualised.

Structures When Scripting:

1. Start Off in Your Dream Life

Write in the future tense as though your dream goal(s) have already happened or you're already living your dream life. Start off by saying: "I am so happy and grateful that..." You want to make sure you're speaking as though your dream has already come true and you're living in it already.

2. How Do You Want to Feel On A Daily Basis

Talk here about emotions. How you feel when you wake up, when you get your coffee in the morning, sitting at your desk, looking out the window to the sea or the countryside etc. Creating an emotion and attachment to your dream goal or lifestyle is so important in order to really want to work and strive for your visualised success.

3. Give Gratitude

It is important to give gratitude to the universe and appreciating all the opportunities that it is giving you. Appreciating that you will find your way to your dream lifestyle and your dream goals and that you are thankful you have been given this opportunity

4. How Do You Want to Show You For Yourself?

The final part is summarising the above and ending on how you want to show up on a regular basis in order to achieve and accomplish your dream lifestyle. Do you want to be happy, show love, be compassionate, powerful, passionate, willing, strong, inspired? Acting in the way that you want to feel in your dream life will only make your visualisation more realistic

Top Tips:

  • Speak as though your dreams and goals have already happened

  • Ensure you're writing freestyle and nothing it structured as you want to feel free and imaginative when writing


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