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Running Routine: For Success

It is likely that you clicked on this post because you're building your success habits and therefore looking for insight on how you can implement running into your morning routine. Or maybe you already have implemented running into your morning routine but are seeking guidance on how to switch up your running routine.

In today's post, you will get an insight into how I prepare for a run as well as the benefits to running and the science behind running in the morning vs running in the evening. The hope is that this blog post will provide you with a greater understanding behind the power of running and how it can help you become successful. Let's start with the benefits to running, or just exercise in general...

Benefits of Running (or Exercise):

  • Improves Your Learning Abilities

  • Sharpens Your Memory

  • Protects the Brain from Ageing

  • Reduces Anxiety

  • Boosts Self Esteem

  • Increases Creativity

The above are just some of the benefits that running has on your mental health but running also benefits you physically as well. A good article to read when it comes to benefits to running is linked here

So now you know some of the benefits to running, I am guessing you want to know how to build a strong running routine to be able to reap these benefits. In order to build a strong running routine, it is all in the preparation; especially if you are running in the morning. Below I have listed what I tend to do the night before a run...

Night Before:

Visualisation. Before I do any run, I like to visualise myself running in the morning and what route I will be taking, the distance I will be going and how I will feel after I have completed my run. The power of visualising the future is that you are imprinting into your brain that you will be going on your run and that this is how it will go.

Distance and Route. Once I have tried to foresee the future, I will then plan out my route along with my distance so I know exactly where I will be going and for how long.

Podcast or Music. Depending on what mood I am in will depend on whether I will listen to a podcast or some music. Once I have decided I will then pick out a podcast or create a playlist that I want to listen to on my run

Be Prepared. The second to last stage when it comes to the night before is getting prepared. This means laying out your workout clothes & trainers the night before along with charging your phone or watch so you are all ready to go in the morning.

Good Nights Sleep. It is important to make sure that you have a good nights sleep the night before your run to ensure your body has enough energy and your muscles have recovered from any exercise you have done the day before. Recommended sleep time is around 8 hours however this is different for everyone so make sure to do your research to ensure you are getting enough sleep for your body.

Morning Of:

Alarm. Make sure you have a alarm to wake you up in the morning ready for your run. A nice trick I like to do, especially if you struggle to get up in the mornings, is to place my phone over the opposite side of the room so I have to physically get up to turn it off. By doing this you are preventing yourself from pressing the snooze button.

Don't Allow Yourself to Make Excuses. Another trick I like to do is to not open my blinds when I am going for a run. If I open my blinds and see that is it raining outside for example then I will be more inclined and likely to give in and take an extra half an hour in bed.

Get Ready. Do your mundane tasks in the morning before your run such as brushing your teeth, getting dressed and making your bed. Also make sure you get a bottle of water ready for yourself so you're not thirsty on your run.

Don't Overthink It & Go. It is easy first thing in the morning to talk yourself out of going and making excuses but once you have stepped one foot outside your door the rest is easy. Tell yourself that you are going to go for a run to then prove your negative thoughts wrong and give yourself the self belief that you can do it!

It may seem like a very comprehensive running routine with lots of stages to it but really, when you break it down, the reality is to prepare in the evening and not give in to the negative voice in your head in the morning and just go.

Of course, if you prefer running in the afternoon or evening then you can still follow these above steps, especially if you are working during the day. Running later on in the day will allow your body to be fuelled and hydrated leaving you with a advantage to perform better than perhaps running in the morning. Below I have listed a couple of pros and cons to running in the morning vs running in the evening...

Morning Runners - Pros

- Get's it over and done with first thing

- If you find that you just don't have the time in the evening then morning running may be for you

- The adrenaline that you feel after your run is likely to carry you through the day and put you in a good mood

Morning Runners - Cons

- Getting up earlier than you would normally need to

- Could make you slightly more tired throughout the day rather than more energised

- May not be able to fuel properly before a run due to you running early

Evening Runners - Pros

- Your body has been properly fuelled throughout the day which will give you more energy

- Your core body temperature is warm and active meaning you are less likely to have any injuries

Evening Runners - Cons

- Personal or work life may mean that you can't fit in a run after your working day

- May be too tired after working long hours

- If it is dark outside, you may not want to run when it is darker or run on a treadmill

Source linked here for above pros and cons

The aim of this post was for you to gain a greater understanding behind running and the positive benefits is has mentally to help you build successful habits leading to greater success in life. Let me know in the comments what exercise habits you have implemented into your every day routine.

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