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Reset Your Week

It's Sunday which means a end to a week, time to relax, kick back and get ourselves ready for the week ahead. Below I have included some ideas on how to reset your week from organising to relaxing. Enjoy!

- Start off with a Healthy, Nutritious Breakfast

Why not try porridge with berries such as strawberries, blueberries or raspberries? Or for a more spring/summer focused breakfast why not try Poached Eggs on Avocado Toast? Anything that you feel it healthy and will start you off in the best possible way

- Nourish Your Mind

Start off your day reading your favourite book, reading inspiring articles, listening to your current fav podcasts, meditating, journalling, mindfully colouring. Making the beginning of your day more relaxing rather than rushing around getting ready. After all, it is Sunday!

- Get Ready for Your Day

Spend a bit more time getting ready for your day. Take an extra 5 minutes in the shower putting on a hair mask or moisturising your body. Take time to nourish your skin in your skincare routine and even apply a face mask if you want to. Get changed into your comfy attire to ensure you're feeling cosy throughout your day

- Plan Your To-Do's for the Day or Week Ahead

Getting a hold of what to-do's or tasks you need to do through out the day is a great way to focus your mind and plan for what you need to do that day. For a more effect approach, why not try planning your daily to-do's the night before so you can wake up in the morning and know exactly what you need to do. You could also incorporate some tasks that you have been meaning to do but putting off such as: washing your makeup brushes, organising your money or bathroom cabinet, booking your car in for a service etc.

- Do A Healthy Food Shop

Get rid of all the takeaway wrappers from last night and put together your healthy food shopping list. Writing a list is a more effective way to shop rather than aimlessly walking around the shop and picking up things you don't need. Getting food for the week will also make you feel more prepared and ready for the week as you will have food prepped everything at the start of the week

- Exercise

Get out of the house and go for a walk, run or bike ride. Do anything active and that you enjoy to get your head back in the game and more focused on the tasks at hand. Experiencing a different environment also allows you chance to see new things and feel refreshed rather than looking at your living room 24/7.

- Pamper Yourself and Relax

Now it's time to pamper yourself and relax after a busy and productive day. Put your favourite hair mask on or a face mask, sit down in your fresh pj's and read a book or watch your favourite film/box set. Gradually unwind yourself and get yourself an early night to ensure you are ready to go the next morning!


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