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Recognising When & What Self Care You Need

Self care is incredibly important to incorporate into our everyday lives especially when we are on the go all the time, expected to do certain things or show up for other people which leaves little time for just you. However, there remains a stigma around the term 'self care' in the sense that practicing self care is deemed selfish and therefore we feel guilty for taking 5 minutes just for us.

Think of self care this way - you are the only person that has been with you day and night, on your good days and on your bad days, so why wouldn't you want to look after yourself both physically and mentally? I've linked a really powerful video here for you to check out. I really recommend you do - it is so powerful and will only take 20 seconds out of your day to change your preceptive on self care.

So in today's post, I wanted to share with you some warning signs that you need to practice self care as well as 5 different types of self care that you can practice and incorporate into your routine.

Recognising the Warning Signs That You Need Some Self Care:

Skipping or Neglecting Your Basic Needs:

I can be very guilty of this at times, especially if I am working and zoned into something, I often don't take time for a break let alone a lunch break but you are not benefiting anyone by doing this. You may think that you are being productive and getting work done but in the long run, you are neglecting your basic need for food which is designed to provide you with fuel. So if you are not fuelling yourself properly, you will eventually burn out.

Similarly, if you are only getting minimal hours of sleep, you will eventually burn out and/or cause unnecessary illnesses due to being sleep deprived. So the moral of the story is, don't neglect your basic, human needs as maintaining these needs will benefit you.

Always on Auto Pilot:

Think of this warning sign in terms of a robot. Robots will eventually need a period where they recharge so what makes us think that humans are any different? If you find that you are constantly on the go then take a step back and think of some ways in which you can incorporate self care into your daily routine.

Always Doing Something for Someone Else:

It is only human to want to do things for other people however if you cross the line of someone constantly asking for you to do something for them and you continue to say yes then they will keep pushing to see how far you will go for them. In the long run, this will leave you burnt out or unsatisfied as you are not getting chance to do the things you want to do.

Therefore, learning to say no sometimes will help you to avoid this.

Don't Feel Yourself Anymore:

If you have lost sense of who you are, what you enjoy, what your dreams or goals are then it is evident that you need a little bit of TLC to help reignite your inspiration and motivation. Take time to work out what it is you need and want so you can get back on track and continue to work towards your goals.

Now we have established some ways in which you can recognise when you need to practice self care, now let's look into the 5 different types of self care that you can practice and incorporate into your everyday life. Depending on how you are feeling will lead you to the form of self care you need so see which one bests fits you and your needs at the moment and give some of the suggestions a go.

Emotional Self Care:

Practicing emotional self care involves looking after your feelings and emotions, dealing with stress as well as gaining a sense of compassion, kindness and love for you and others.

Ways to Practice - seeking therapy, journalling, listening to music, practicing mantras, doing gratitude

Physical Self Care:

This form of self care is looking after your fitness, sleep habits, stress and overall health.

Ways to Practice - setting a sleep schedule, exercising, drinking water daily, doing your skincare routine, balanced diet, consuming less caffeine

Mental Self Care:

If you are looking to develop yourself, continuously learn, practice mindfulness and form a positive mindset then this is the self care for you.

Ways to Practice - reading, doing a crossword or sudoko, practicing techniques to develop a positive mindset, taking an online course, listening to a podcast

Social Self Care:

I think if anything, the last year has taught us that we need social interaction. We need people that we can run to to feel uplifted, for guidance or support and to be surrounded by those that create belonging and acceptance.

Ways to Practice - meeting friends, attending social events (when we can), FaceTime, regular catch ups

Spiritual Self Care:

Perhaps a form of self care that not many practice but is useful to do. This is the self care you need to practice the believes and values that guide your life and nourish your soul.

Ways to Practice - meditation, manifestation, yoga, crystal healing, self reflection


As mentioned at the beginning of this post, practicing self care is so important so to help get you on your self care journey, I wanted to share with you 3 things to remember. Make it simple, actively make self care part of your routine and understand your why.

Let me know in the comments what form of self care you will be practicing today....

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