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Podcast Round Up: March 2019

Ok, so March was another good month for listening to inspiring podcasts. I decided to venture out a little bit more with the podcasts I was listening to and found it really inspiring! I've even learnt some things from them that I am thinking of putting into a separate blog post so keep an eye out for that! Below is the podcasts I have been listening to in March - enjoy!!

Erin May Henry - Game Changer Podcast:

Erin not only has a podcast but also a YouTube channel which she creates girl boss videos to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and live a more fulfilled, goal driven life. The podcast I listened to from Erin's playlist was:

- Erin May Henry E36 with Samantha Hearne and they answered submitted Side Hustle Questions. This is a great one to listen to with a cup of tea or if you're doing some household chores as it is so easy to listen to and so inspiring!

Emma Gannon - Ctrl, Alt, Delete Podcast:

- #163 Naomi Alderman: How To Tell If You Have A Great Idea. This podcast was something I needed to listen to with being so multi-passionate I just wanted some advice on what ideas to make into a reality and what ones I could put on the back burner for now

Kalyn Nicholson - Coffee Talk Podcast:

- Detoxing Social Media - I took a lot from this podcast in allowing me to think it's ok to not be on social media all the time and how to make your feed inspiring and something to help brighten your mood instead of demotivating you.

CEO Vibes Podcast:

- Turning Your Service Into A Passive Income Product - I am constantly thinking of way to create a passive income for myself and so this podcast gave me lots of ideas on how I could do this and to also believe that I can do it when I put my mind to it

- Creating CEO Vibes - a nice, short podcast that gave some good pointers and tips on how to be a CEO within yourself and what actions to take

Ruby Lee - Own Your Own Hustle Podcast:

- You Have an Idea or 100...Now What? - All about why you have these ideas and what ones you feel in yourself are the ideas to go with an make a side hustle out of. Ideal for someone like myself how wants to dip their fingers in all the pies!!

- The Daily Habits of Side Hustle Success - this podcast discusses ways that you can incorporate your dreams and visions into everyday life so you can continue to work on your dreams and visions every day


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