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Podcast Round Up: February 2019

Following on from my previous blog post, which I've linked here, I have always been in the mindset that "I will never find time to listen to a podcast." I don't know why and I don't know where this thought has come from, but it has stopped me from broadening my mind and focusing on something I am passionate about or that I can learn more knowledge from.

Thus, when I suddenly decided to start being more active, I thought, instead of listening to music, why not listen to the stacks of podcasts I want to listen too? Genius right? Therefore, I have been keeping a list of all the podcasts I have listened too over February and thought I would share these with you. Whether you're looking for a new listen or you're wanting to get into podcasts, hopefully you will find this of some use.

I will just point out, I have been listening to a lot of Kalyn Nicholson's podcasts (which if you've read many of my other blog posts, you'll know that I mention her quite a lot) and Emma Gannon and from these, for those podcasts that stuck out to me, I have written down some pointers that inspired or resinated with me.

Now that looong intro it out of the way, let's get into the podcasts I have listened too over February:

- Self Care Kinda Mood

- How and Where I Get Inspiration

- Hitting the Reset Button

- Where Do I Start?

- How to Find Your Magic

- The Rule of 3 (please see below)

In this episode, Kalyn talks about making habits and how they come in 3's. Whether it be 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years, with these time frames you're able to give yourself enough time to work on the things you aim to complete and reach. For example: say your goals is to pass your driving test. Instead of putting the pressure on yourself to pass after 15 lessons, set your goal to passing your test within 3 years. Doing this, you're 1. not creating added pressure to yourself to pass within 15 lessons and 2. you allow yourself enough time to really learn and practise and you'll feel an even greater achievement if you pass before 3 years it up.

Kalyn also talks about not setting yourself dedicated times to wake up each morning. I admit, I used to do this a lot and every time I slept in or didn't get up at exactly 9am for example, it would instantly set my day off to a bad start as I would feel like I have not completed something. Therefore, listen to yourself and your body. Maybe you slept in later than you wanted too because you're tired or because you're over working yourself, listen to these signs and be more accepting of what your body is telling you and what it needs.

Lastly, Kalyn also refers to the seasons as a good time comparison for making habits last and to see if they work. She makes the point that it takes a whole season to change in nature so allow yourself this time to change the thing you're wanting to amend. Are you wanting to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle? Or maybe you're wanting to read every single night. Allowing yourself 3 whole months to work and mould this habit and maybe it will make it more likely you'll carry on the habit or you'll decide that the habit you tried to make work just didn't and that's ok too. After all, you'll never know if you don't try!

- #2 Zoella - Talking Internet Fame and Being Your Own Boss

- #28 Sheri Scott (Blogger) - On Sponsored Content and Running Your Own Business

- #73 Lily Singh - How To Be A BAWSE

This is a fairly new podcast series that has been produced by Fearne Cotton in 2018. She has many great guests on her podcast including: Matt Haig, Davina McCall along with many others. The podcast I listen to in February was the one focusing on Zoe Sugg.

That's everything that I've listened too in February this year. For direct links to the podcasts I have mentioned, head over to my Instagram (link here). You will also be able to refer back to the links in my story highlights.


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