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Note Taking: iPad Edition

In the past I have used notebooks to take notes when consuming content however I have more recently been turning to technology to help me consume and remember information better. The reason for my switch in note taking methods was purely down to the fact that I could write way more notes and keep them all in one place (or app) rather than having multiple notebooks to keep hold of.

I love to take notes when I am in particular reading non-fiction books although I do also take notes when I am watching an educational video or listening to an inspiring podcast. I find that when taking notes I am able to remember the information more than when I am just listening and I like to have something physical to look back on when I want to refresh my memory.

Therefore, I thought it would be useful to share my note taking process with you to hopefully help you take more notes in a more effective way. Below, I have included a simple, 4 step guide to note taking on an iPad or electronic device.

Step 1: Download a Note Taking App -

The app that I use when note taking is Microsoft One Note. I find this app so useful when wanting to store and organise my notes. There are also other apps that do similar things to One Note such as: Evernote or even the note app on your iPad. Have a little search and try some note taking apps to see which app works best for you.

Step 2: Set Up -

Based on my experience of using One Note, I have included the set up process I use when consuming new information.

First I will set up a new notebook and will title it based on the non-fiction book I am reading. For video and podcast content, I will title the overall notebook the topic of the content e.g. 'Motivational Videos' or 'Business Podcasts' so I have easily refer back and cherry pick when topic I want to recap on. Then I will add a section to the notebook which will be based on a section in the book (if the book has parts and then chapters) or will be a chapter in the book. For videos or podcasts, I would title the section under the video or podcasts title. Finally, I would then add a page where the new information will be stored. ​

Step 3: Aesthetics -

I would love to be able to create pretty, aesthetically pleasing notes however my calligraphy / handwriting skills aren't quite there yet! However, I do try and make my notes as pretty as possible so I am more inclined to refer back to them. I will usually type out the chapter title at the top and then use the drawing feature to write down subheadings and information I am consuming from the book/media. I will also use highlighters, colours and possible diagrams to explain the information and make it easier to consume later on.

Step 4: What to Note Down -

Often when consuming information we think we have to write everything down. This simply isn't the case. Personally, I will only write down information that either resinates with me or I find interesting and want to remember the fact at a later date. Think of note taking like a condensed version of what you're reading/listening/watching. You're unlikely to want to read through the whole book again so pick out the key bits of information you feel are important and write this down.

There you have it! Once you have written down your notes you can then look back at them whenever you please and they will be in one place and travel friendly!

Let me know in the comments what you will be next taking notes on :)

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