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Making Your Own Fitness Routine at Home

Exercise is so important and valuable not just to your physical health but your mental health as well. Given the current situation it is understandable that people are feeling apprehensive about going to the gym but are then struggling with working out from home as they don't know what routines / workouts are effective. There are so many resources online as well as the big gym giants such as Pure Gym running virtual classes but sometimes you just want to do a routine that works for you and is more specific to your goals.

So in today's post I am going to share with you ways in which you can create your own fitness routine to use at home which will help you achieve your goals.

Understand Your Goals:

What do you want to achieve from your fitness? Do you want to use fitness as an escape at the end of your working day to clear your mental space? Or do you want to focus more on the physical side of fitness?

By working out what you want to achieve by doing exercise is the key principle to not only building a routine but gaining benefits from the activities that you are doing.


Once you have your goal now is the time to research how you can achieve this goal and what you need to do. Is there any exercises in particular that help with clearing the mind such as running or walking? If your goal is to change the way you look through exercise is there pieces of equipment you need to use or buy to help progress towards your goals?

By understanding the core routes to achieving your goals you are better equipped and have a better understanding as to what you need to do to help you achieve your goal.


Now it is time to get inspired. Start following fitness guru's on Instagram or people who focus on health and wellbeing to keep your feed inspiring. Also focus on finding different routines and workouts on YouTube so you can learn from them and see what exercises work well for you.

Find What You Like:

Linking to the above point, once you have found who you want to follow and watch on YouTube, now is the time to give the workouts a go and see what works for you. By doing this you are discovering your optimum exercise time, what exercises you enjoy or have found effective and when you exercise best e.g. in the morning or at night.

Get Creative:

Once you have completed the above steps you are now in a good position to start getting creative and experimenting with putting new routines together that are specific and tailored to your goals. For example: you could incorporate a dance to your favourite song for your warm up then make a workout routine to your favourite playlist and then do a mindful cool down where you meditate for 5 minutes and let your thoughts escape you.

Exercise should be fun therefore your workout routines should reflect this and keep you entertained and excited for your next workout. Let me know in the comments what your fitness goals are and what workout routines work best for you

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