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Making Self Care a Daily Priority

We lead such busy and chaotic lives that self care is one of those things that is pushes to the bottom of the 'to do' list. We spend so much time showing up for everyone else in our work, relationships, online that we hardly ever show up for ourselves. Self care is so important and if you've been a regular reader of my blog you will know the importance that self care has to life and success. By practicing self care, you are practicing how to love and look after yourself which will not only benefit you but will benefit others in the long run as you have spent time nourish your body and mindset.

So if you are looking for a plan or strategy to implement self care into your life then continue reading as I share with you a 5 step process that works every time.

Step 1 - Make a Routine

The key to sticking to something is to make a habit out of it which is why having a routine is super important to keep you accountable and to help you regularly stick to your habits. I would strongly advice creating a morning and night routine to keep the beginning and the end of the day for you to recharge and prepare for the following day.

Step 2 - Experiment with Different Things

Allow yourself to open up to experimenting with different methods and activities to form a self care routine that works for you. Try meditating for a few weeks and see if it works for you. If not then maybe doing some yoga or reading a book might work better? Ensure that you allow yourself enough time to properly experiment with the activities and methods that you are trying so you can gauge a strong idea as to whether or not it works for you.

Step 3 - Set a Daily Tick List

Whether the things you are practicing for self care are big or small make sure you create a daily tick list and tick each activity off as you go along to make you feel accountable and like you have achieved something during the day. I truly believe in the power of a tick list as once you have ticked something off it gives you a boost and incentive to keep going and tick further things off your list.

Step 4 - Journal How You Feel

It is important also to journal how you feel once you have completed your self care to do's for the day. By documenting your journey and how you feel after each day you are not only reinforcing the importance of self care by recording how good it makes you feel but using your journal as a method to look back on when you're feeling low or demotivated. The aim of looking back on your journal entries is to then make you feel more motivated when you're feeling low and to also see how far you have come on your self care journey.

Step 5 - Don't Make Excuses

Life can be busy and things can crop up out of nowhere but don't let life stop you from taking care of yourself. We're human beings and we need the opportunity to look after ourselves for not only us but for others also. When we take time to look after ourselves we instantly make ourselves feel better and more positive which is radiated across to other people in our lives. Self care allows us to go into situations with a clearer mindset as we have reduced any stress or anxiety build up which ultimately allows us to make more educated and thought through decisions and choices in life.

If you've read right to the end of this blog post that tells me and more importantly you that you want to make more time for self care in your life. The only day we are guaranteed is today so start today and make time for looking after you.

Let me know in the comments what form of self care you enjoy the most and how often you take time out of your day for you.

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