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Lockdown 'Spread The Love' Ideas

I was umming and arring about what to call this blog post but I eventually settled on the above title. I didn't want to label this blog post a Valentines post as although it does focus on lockdown date ideas for couples, it also focuses on ways in which you can spread the love with friends to celebrate Galentines Day as well as ways in which you can show yourself some self love.

What with lockdown being in place or some sort of restrictions, it is even harder to do the normal things such as going out for a meal or booking a night away so I have come up with some 'lockdown/restriction' friendly ideas so we can all still spread the love in a safe way!

So today's post focuses on ways in which you can celebrate love with your other half, friends and practice your own self love.

Let's get straight into it shall we?!

Valentine's Day Ideas:

  • Grab a coffee together on your daily walk

  • Go for a walk in your local area

  • Create hamper full of each other's favourite things

  • Give each other a card with a sweet message inside

  • Stream a movie together (you could also build each other a snack box to indulge in whilst watching your film)

  • Cook together

  • Brainstorm and make plan together for the future

  • Watch an online concert

  • FaceTime with matching PJ's

  • Have a games night online

Galentine's Day Ideas:

  • Grab a coffee together on your daily walk

  • Go for a walk in your local area

  • Send a 'Thinking of You' box to each other

  • Online games night

  • Livestream a film together

  • Have a girly, pamper night

  • Write a empowering card to each other

  • Reminisce memories together

  • Scrapbook / Crafty Night In

  • Wear matching outfits and/or get dressed up

Showing Yourself Some Love:

  • Splurge on something on your Wishlist

  • Pamper Night In

  • Watch your favourite or a new series all day

  • Watch your favourite or a new movie

  • Create your own little pamper box - face mask, popcorn etc

  • Read your current or favourite book

  • Do your hobby

  • Listen to your favourite music

  • Write a love letter to yourself

  • Practice your affirmations

  • Exercise

  • Cook your favourite meal

  • Put on your favourite outfit

  • Have a digital detox

  • Set goals for yourself

As mentioned above, Valentines is all about love so spread the love not just to your partner but to others close to you as well as yourself.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you will be spreading the love this Valentines


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