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Instagram Accounts to Follow for Motivational Vibes

It's a fact. The vast majority of us are consumed by social media and in particular comparing ourselves against other people in a negative or unhealthy way. But not all of social media is bad. Take the opportunity in the lead up to a new year to start following Instagram accounts that bring you positivity and motivational vibes rather than following the ones that bring you down all the time.

To help you out, I have listed below my favourite Instagram accounts that I am following at the moment and what positivity they bring to my Instagram feed to hopefully give you some inspiration.

Instagram - @camillaainsworth

Camilla starred on The Apprentice in 2018 and was one of the youngest ever contestant to reach the final of the show. Since Camilla was on the show she has launched her brand @mylkplus along with her fitness brand @vanflute, consultancy service @camillaconsultancy and motivational and habit developing account @pathwaytoprime.

I absolutely love Camilla's content in both her stories and Instagram feed as they leave me feeling motivated and determined to reach my goals. If you're looking for an account that makes you feel motivated, determined and wanting to succeed in your goals then @camillaainsworth is the one to follow!

Instagram - @gracebeverley

I have recently discovered Grace's account in lockdown and have been so inspired ever since. Grace has been titled 'Forbes 30 Under 30 in Retail, E-commerce and Honouree' as well as running 2 fitness brands (@wearetala and @shreddy) and writing a book! My ambition is to run my own business one day and I feel as though Grace is such an inspiration and shows #girlbossvibes. I have found looking back through her highlights so motivating and I have found great inspiration by reading her posts that provide a small insight into Grace's every day life.

I would highly recommend giving Grace a follow if you're looking for a girl boss, inspirational account to brighten up your feed!

Instagram - @robbie_thompson

I discovered Robbie's account through @vickypattison and have been a follower of his ever since. Robbie's account focuses on 'helping people look, feel and perform the best they ever have' which I think in this day and age is super important with an emphasis on feeling and performing your best!

Robbie shares mindset strategies along with motivational Insta stories of him walking or running early doors in the morning. Watching these stories and reading his posts first thing in the morning or when you are feeling a bit demotivated leaves you then feeling motivated and determined to carry on striving for your goals.

Instagram - @erinmayhenry

Erin's account is one of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow and here's why... Her Instagram account, in fact her whole philosophy and business is based on 'helping you to become the best and happiest you.' Erin focuses on mindset strategies, shares days in her life via her stories, does live Q&A sessions and shares inspiring quotes/mini blog posts to keep you motivated and feeling inspired.

Erin's account is another one that screams out #girlbossvibes to me and keeps me motivated to work and achieve my goals.

Instagram - @saffronbarker

I am really wanting to get on top of my fitness as I feel as though it will not only benefit physically but more importantly, mentally which is why I love following Saffron along with all the amazing things she has done such as: Strictly Come Dancing, launching her own clothing collection with @inthestyle and so much more!!

Saffron recently ran the London Marathon and since watching her YouTube video, which you can view here, she has inspired me to keep going with my fitness. Saffron is truly an inspiration and her fashion sense is super on trend too!!

Instagram - @meggangrubb

Megan not only shares weekly vlogs on YouTube but she also spreads fitness motivation on her Instagram feed for all to see with weekly fitness routines. The posts I have been loving the most on Meggan's Instagram though are her gratitude stories every morning. With Meggan sharing these posts it is a gentle reminder that we can be grateful for something every single day no matter what the circumstances.

Instagram - @niall_coaching

I have recently discovered Niall after seeing one of his TikTok's on my For You page. I love anything to do with motivation and positive vibes which is exactly what Niall's account is! Niall shares motivational quotes along with mini blog posts on his Instagram to help you 'improve your health, your wellbeing and to reach your full potential.' So if you're looking for motivational vibes to get you moving and achieving your goals give Niall a follow!

Let me know in the comments if you follow any of the above accounts or if you follow any other accounts that keep you motivated and inspired.

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