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Improve My Night Routine With Me

For today's post I thought I would try something a little bit different. I thought I would share with you my current night routine as well as the routine that I am aspiring to have one day! I think it is important to reflect on your current habits and routines and establish what you think needs to change in order to improve. So without further ado, let's get into what my night routine looks like already...

Current Night Routine:

- Finish Work Around 5/6pm

- Have Dinner (or Tea)

- Make Myself a Tea

- Scroll On My Phone for Hours on End

- Read a Couple of Pages of My Book

- Quick Skincare Routine

- Get into Bed

- Struggle to Switch Off

As I was writing what I currently do on a night time, I knew there were a few things that needed to change for sure. Below, I have picked out the things that I want to change and what I will be swapping them with in order to help improve the quality of my sleep and downtime.

No 1 - Scrolling

I think having some time to scroll on your phone is absolutely fine and in today's society, I think it has become natural almost to gravitate towards your phone, but for me personally, I need to stop spending hours on end scrolling as I have found it doesn't help me switch off and if anything it enables my brain to think of new ideas rather than relax me.

So to help improve this, I will be setting myself a dedicated time on an evening to dedicate towards social media. No doubt there will be some nights where I will want to spend more time on my phone than half an hour for example, and this is ok, but if I notice that I am spending too much time on it then I will be willing to put in the boundaries I have set myself.

No 2 - Reading

Rather than putting reading to the bottom of my list, I want to make reading a bit more of a priority in my night time routine. Reading helps me relax and wind down from the day so prioritising this into my routine will benefit me more I believe.

No 3 - Skincare Routine

I want to make my skincare more of an experience rather than something I feel I have to do. I will be dedicating a time each evening to do my skincare and spend as long as I want to enjoy and experience the luxury of using certain products and how they are benefiting my skin.

As well, by doing my skincare, it signals my brain that it is time to relax so by spending more time on it, it will make it more of a ritual rather than a chore.

No 4 - Struggling to Switch Off

There are some nights where I really struggle to switch my brain off because I am either thinking of new ideas or thinking about the day just pasted. To help combat this and rest my brain, I am going to have a journal / notebook at the side of my bed so I can jot down any thoughts that come into my brain and so I can write them down and deal with them in the morning.

Hopefully this will help my switch off and prevent my brain from trying to remember everything!

I think every now and then it is important to reflect and analyse what habits and routines we are currently doing so we can pick up on any improvements we need to make. If you are looking to do the same, I have a free template which you can download here to help get you started.


This blog post is Day 28 out of the January Series where I will be uploading 31 blog posts to help you kick start your 2021 in the right way and to help you become the best version of you.

Leave a comment below if you have any blog post ideas that you would like me to do in the future

See you tomorrow for another blog post! :)

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