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How to Relight Your Creative Spark

Are you a creative person that sometimes feels like you loose your creative spark or feel unmotivated to do the things you love. If the answer is yes, I have come up with a few ideas that makes me get my creative spark back and makes me feel excited and motivated to do great things!

Lists, lists and more lists:

I find that sitting down, brain dumping everything on your mind and listing what you want to do is a great idea to get some form of structure as to what you want to do. It doesn't matter so much about a particular order however perhaps when you're looking down your list you could prioritise some items that need doing urgently. Anything could be on this list, it doesn't have to be creative as I find once you've done something you needed to do, it makes you feel motivated to do the next thing on your list.

Goals and Future Aspirations:

I find that writing everything that I want to do in life down and refer back to it makes me feel so motivated and inspired. I use the app Trello, which allows you to create an overall headed list e.g. Goals and then allows you to create a sub-headed list like create a blog and then lists your actions of getting to complete the goal.


I go in and out of planning phases. Sometimes I have a couple of weeks where I plan everything and then there is other weeks where I take the day as it comes and not plan anything. I quite like not having a structure of having to something at a specific time as I feel under pressure and probably end up not doing it. However, I do like knowing what I want to do in the day and allow myself that flexibility to complete the task without a time frame. I would suggest sitting down with your lists and your goals and looking at what you already have going on throughout your week and seeing where you can fit in the things that make you feel inspired. Perhaps choose a specific day like a Monday or a Sunday to plan your week and get your space organised.

Find Something That Inspires You:

Perhaps you watch a lot of Youtube and you have found a YouTuber that inspires you with their content or who they are as a person, or you like reading books and you have read an amazing book that makes your feel good and motivated. Whatever it is, when you feel uninspired or uncreative, refer back to those things and relight your creativity. Perhaps jot down what inspires you as and when you find it so it is easier to refer back to


I know it's not good to be on social media all the time, but why not search a hashtag that you are wanting to know more about or that you what to do like #stayorganised or #lifestyle and see if you can find some inspiring profiles that you can feel inspired from. I love finding new content to read or to feel good about as it helps me stay creative and motivated

Organise Your Space:

Maybe your room is a little messy and this is dragging down your mood or you're finding it difficult to relax? Get a black bin liner and have an organisation day of your space and tidy it up a little. Keep a pad of paper with you and if you think of something whilst you are organising jot it down so 1. you don't forget and 2. you can refer back to it and get motivated about buying a basket to re-organise your beauty products or to buy a new cabinet to store your arts and crafts as you think it will work better

Stationary Shopping:

I absolutely love getting new stationary: there's something about it that makes me instantly feel more creative and motivated. For me, stationary is like a kid in a sweet shop, I just love it! I recent went to Paperchase and brought some new pieces that gave me a spark and made me inspired to have an organisation day and get things done! If you're the same as me, I would suggest having a browse and treating yourself to some new pieces. I know money doesn't buy happiness but something about getting a new notebook makes me feel organised and creative.

I hope these tips help you feel more creative and let me know what you do to relight your creativity


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