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How To: In Depth Goal Planning

We are fast approaching the end of July and in fact the end of the year. Have you reach all the goals you had set yourself for the start of the year? Or maybe you're looking for new goals to set and accomplish by the time January 1st rolls around? Whatever your intention, setting goals is crucial when it comes to success. Everyone measures and has different meanings behind the term 'success' but ultimately if you have set yourself a goal, that once complete, you will feel successful in yourself then it is worth doing.

I recently watched Erin May Henry's YouTube video on Mid Year Planning and she discussed 4 different stages when it comes to her planning goals. I found this video so helpful that I wanted to share these stages with you and how I applied them to my own goal planning.

1) Setting Goals

Sit down and reflect on what you want to achieve by the end of the year. Do you want to have saved £1,000 to put towards a holiday next year? Or maybe you are wanting to set yourself a fitness goal? Whatever your dreams and ambitions are, write them down and then read back over them and ask yourself, honestly, if some of these goals will be achievable by the end of the year. If the answer is yes, then highlight or circle them. If the answer is no then save them as a goal to complete in a years time or 5 years time etc.

One of the goals I have set myself to complete by the end of the year is to run a marathon! If you want to follow my journey I have included my fitness instagram at the end of this post so you can follow my journey

2) Attach an Emotion

Once you have your goals for the next 6 months, now attach an emotion to them. Get honest and real with yourself. How will you feel once you have completed this goal and write down what comes to mind. Will you feel happy, relieved, motivated, encouraged, inspired, powerful etc. Whatever you think you will feel or how you want to feel, make a note of it and really visualise you completing the goals you have written down.

By attaching an emotion to something, you are more likely to want to succeed and achieve the goal.

For example, for my goal, I have attached the emotion of self achievement, knowing that I could complete the ambitious goal that I have set myself

3) Work Backwards

Write your overall goal at the top of the paper and then work backwards, thinking of all the things you need to do in order to succeed in your goal. For example, your goal may be to start up your own blog. The steps in order to get to your goal will be things like: content creation, when you want to post, how many times you want to post, what audience are you aiming for, what topics do you want to discuss, creating your website, finding a domain name, setting up social media accounts to promote etc.

I like to use an app called Trello and section out each take into a 'card' and then within the card write a description or points of what I need to do in order to tick that card off the list. So the title of the card could be: creating a website and then in the description will be points like: finding a platform to host your blog, finding the domain name, what tabs you want, the layout, making the website accessible and easy to use etc.

Breaking goals into smaller tasks makes the goal seem less daunting and more manageable

4) Visualise the Person You Need to Be

I love this tip! Once you've done the above steps, now visualise who you want or need to be in order to succeed in these goals. Do you need to put more time into hustling when coming back from work or before hand instead of going out each evening? Or do you need to make time for exercise whether this be in-between meetings or before work? Creating your ideal person for these goals will make you feel more motivated to achieve these goals.

5) Review and Plan

This is an additional tip that I have added on whilst working from my Trello board. It's all well and good writing down everything you're going to do in order to succeed in a goal but you need to plan and factor in the process in order to reach the goal. Every Sunday I will now be referring back to my Trello board and picking out tasks to do and factor into my week in order to bring me closer to my goals.

I hope you have found this post motivating to help you set your goals for the remainder of the year. I would highly recommend checking out Erin's video, I have linked it here. I would also highly recommend you check out the other videos she makes if you're looking for personal development and entrepreneurship.

Let me know in the comments what once goal you're wanting to set to complete for the end of 2020.

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