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How To Get Out of A Rut

Lately, I have been feeling like I am stuck in a rut. I will often start off the day feeling productive and wanting to get things done and then I will be half way through a task or project and feel stuck and get distracted with other things. Maybe it's because I am tired? Maybe it's because I am not feeling inspired? Maybe it is the change in weather? Maybe it's because I am just needing a break. Below are some tips and tricks that I have found helpful when trying to pick myself up and dust myself off and start again.

Switch Up Your Working Environment - sometimes, if you are working in the same environment constantly, it can become a bit draining. I would suggest finding a couple of other spots away from your usual working space so you can feel inspired and motivated again. Some suggestions are: working at your dining room table, in a coffee shop, working near daylight and windows, in a library. Try and find somewhere that is different from the norm to help brighten your creativity again.

Learn to Walk Away - when you're just not getting anywhere and you are feeling stuck but you're having thoughts such as "I am supposed to be working" or "I need to carry on and push through" you need to relief that pressure from yourself. You need to get up and walk away to allow yourself the chance to recharge your brain and feel inspired again. Get up and make a coffee, go for a walk, play with your pets, go grocery shopping, go for a long, scenic drive - just do anything other than what you're stuck at. After having a bit of time away, you are likely to come back with a fresh pair of eyes and feel ready to go straight back into the task that you started.

Feel Inspired - if you are really struggling with ideas and are having a creative block revert to other people's content, but DO NOT COMPARE. Use other creator's content to feel inspired again. Take some suggestions and some ideas and make them your own. Some sources for feeling inspired could be: documentaries, videos, reading books, articles, listening to podcasts, going to a local library, sitting in a coffee shop and listening to the buzz, exploring your local town or city.

Visit the Past - I would often suggest this tip as I believe you need to focus on the now but try looking back at some of your previous work or projects that you were really proud of. Allow yourself to congratulate yourself and think "wow this was really good" or "I can't believe I created this." Being proud of yourself is nothing to be ashamed of, it allows you to learn that you can do amazing things and there are more amazing things to be created.

Remind Yourself of Your Goals - often we forget what our goals are that we set ourselves a couple of months ago so it's good to have a refresh of what you are aiming and focusing on. Sit down and plan how you are going to achieve these goals, what progress you've made so far and how you're going to improve yourself to get closer to the goals you've set. Sometimes having a switch up of focus and routine is good to keep things fresh and current.

Mind Mapping Session - following on from the above tip mentioned, sit down with colours, highlighters, pretty paper and pens and start mind mapping your actions towards your goals. Start off with a brief word to describe your action and feed off of it and keep writing until you can't think of anything else. Having a mind mapping session or otherwise known as a brain dumping session feels so good to get your ideas and thought down on paper to then action them

Pamper Yourself - often we get caught up in the world of work and forget to find time for ourselves. Dedicate some time to give yourself a pamper. Whether you see if your beautician has a last minute appointment to get your nails done or you create your own little pamper routine with a hot chocolate, cosy robe, face mask and a good book. Do whatever you feel with make you the most relaxed and feeling the most good about yourself.

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