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How To Get Out of a Funk

This blog post is for those who feel like they can't get focused or feel as though they can get on a do things. I have accumulated somethings that I find useful when trying to get out of a 'funk' and I that you find them useful as well!

Playing Music That Makes You Feel Good

Why not play the most cheesiest of songs to get you up and dancing in your room or play your favourite sing a long tunes to get you in the best mood. Play anything that you feel will get you in a good, happy mood even if it's playing a bit of High School Musical...!

Get Out of Your Usual Environment

Sometimes when you're stuck or have been in the same environment for a long time, whether it be your desk or your bedroom for example, you can get a little stick and need some fresh air. Why not get out and about even if it's to buy a coffee or walk to the end of your road and back. Sometimes just getting a change of scenery for 5 minutes boasts us back up to where we need to be


Following on a little bit from the above, why not go for a run, walk, swim or bike ride. Doing something active will allow you to focus on something else whether it be swimming to the other end of the pool or running for 5 minutes straight without stopping. Setting yourself a more physical goal and completing it can get you back in the right frame of mind to go back to whatever it was that you were doing

Tidy Up

On occasions, it can be our environment that brings us down especially if there is lots of paperwork everything or rubbish all on the floor. Take some time to grab a bin bag and go through everything you don't need or even just tidy up the items that should be put away. Having a clean space can do you the world of good

Write It Down

As mentioned in other blog posts, writing down your thoughts and feelings on paper allows you chance to be at peace with how you feel. Sometimes seeing your emotions on paper will allow you to justify them and seek ways on how to make yourself feel better and happier


If there is something that you're meaning to do but can't or won't find the time to do it then make today the day you do the task you've been putting off. Believe it or not, but occasionally thinking you're going to do something but then don't and put it off creates a lot more brain power rather than thinking of it once and being done with it. So whatever it is that you keep meaning to do but don't, do it today


If there is something on your mind but you don't know what to do about it or you feel you may need some advice. Talk to someone about it. It is so important to talk to others about how you feel or what is worrying you so it allows you to feel more at peace with your thoughts and seek advice on how to move forward

Self Care:

Sometimes we just need a little bit of TLC. Get your pj's on, sit down with a face mask and hot chocolate and read your favourite book or watch your favourite film or listening to an enlightening podcast. Do whatever you feel is best for you when it comes to relaxing and winding down

Mindless Activities:

By the above I mean doing adult colouring books and watching your much loved TV Shows in the background. Basically, doing any activity that you enjoy and that you don't really have to think about so you can practise mindfulness. Some ideas may also be: yoga, meditation or pilates


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