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How To Fill Your Time Effectively

I admit, we all get to that stage in the day where we want to just crash on the couch and watch an entire boxset and do nothing. However, this isn't making the most out of the time we have. I am not saying don't do this but what I am saying is we need to use our free time more effectively to enhance our knowledge and advance our self development so we are more equipped for every day life. Below are some prompts on how you can get fulfilment from the spare 15 minutes you have between trains or hour before your favourite show is on.

Exercise: I know what you're probably thinking "Urgh I can't be bothered to go to the gym and then come home and shower and get ready blah blah blah" as I feel like that too sometimes. However, exercise doesn't have to be going to the gym for hours on end. Exercise could be going to a Pilates class, doing a at home yoga video, going for a 20 minute walk down your street. Exercise is just a chance for you to move your body and get your blood flowing so you're not in a fixed position all day.

Meditate: this comes in many different forms. The traditional way is sitting on the floor and focusing on your breathing for a length of time which is and can be effective. The definition of meditation is "a written or spoken discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject" (thanks Google). So why not write a diary entry on how your day went and include pictures to make the day easier to remember. Or why not journal or scrapbook or do a hobby where you are completely focused on that task. By doing something where you are consumed in something allows your brain to switch off and be at peace with itself.

Listen to Podcasts/Audio Books: ok, so now the wellbeing side of this post it out of the way we can focus on the more mind consuming prompts. Whether you decide to consume information whilst doing your housework, whilst you're getting ready or just having a nice cup of coco under a blanket. However, you like to consume podcasts and audio books, you are developing your knowledge and mind. I always feel so satisfied when I can walk away from listening to something different and feel motivated or feel like I have learnt something new. Some podcasts I am liking are: Anna and Lily's At Home With, Being Boss and Ctrl, Alt and Delete by Emma Gannon.

Watch YouTube Videos/Documentaries: I have gotten into the habit of saving so many inspiring videos into a playlist thinking "I'll watch that later" and never do OR I watch an inspiring video and it goes in one ear and out the other. Therefore, to combat this and feel like I have learnt something (as well as shorten my list) I have been watching videos on YouTube and writing notes. I find this so so SO helpful in being able to refer back to the information I have learnt and apply it to my life. You can also do this with documentaries whether it is something you think will develop you in someway or you want to watch a mammal documentary and create a pretty facts poster to remember the information. If you're into YouTube like me then some channels I would highly recommend are: Erin May Henry, Rachelleea, Lavendaire and Kalyn Nicholson

Read Inspiring Books: I love reading and when I find time to read I like to read self help and self development books to broaden my mind and get my thinking cap going with new ideas. Similarly to the YouTube videos, I have been making notes with some sticky notes when reading books so I can refer back to them in the future. I am hoping to also put a word document together so the important bits of information are compiled into one place. Currently I am reading: How To Lead by Jo Owen.

Evaluate Your Goals: if you're a goal setter or you have made goals but forgotten about them until now then why not sit down and go through how you can make your dreams and goals happen. Write out your goal in the centre of a blank piece of paper and mind map around it how you will achieve your goal. It could be something like save £500 by the end of the year and you have currently saved £250. So work out to the finest detail how you will save the remaining amount of money. Will you stop buying coffees? Set aside a certain amount for the month as your spending and put the rest into savings? Then, for example, if you decide not to spend for a month, create a habit tracker to monitor your success. By reviewing your goals, you are creating hope and positivity that the goals will be achieved which makes you feel more productive and motivated to complete them before the year ends.

Take Online Courses: if you are multi-passionate like myself and have lots of things you want to learn or do then I suggest using your free time to take an online course. These don't have to be expensive, I like to use Groupon to take online courses as they are affordable as well as giving you an idea on the subject matter before deciding on investing lots of money into it or not. Taking a online course also gives me the satisfaction of buying a folder and dividers and organising all my notes!!

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