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How to Feel Inspired

In today's post, I wanted to put across some tips and tricks on how to feel inspired and motivated to do the things you want to do; whether it be starting a new project or reaching a goal, tidying your room or booking in that dentist appointment, these tips will help to motivate and inspire you to complete your tasks.

Read Something New: whether it be non-fiction, fiction, blog post, news, magazines etc.

Meet up or Contact Friends: I find that talking and meeting up with friends and having a good old chat quite therapeutic as it allows you to build your friendships.

Scroll through Social Media: We Heart It, Instagram or Pinterest I find are the best ones as it's visuals and pictures can then be created into mood boards and different kinds of inspiration. Perhaps create a notebook full of your dreams and goals and use pictures to manifest your visions.

Write a To-Do List: as you can probably tell, I do like lists and I like lists even better when I have written them the night before. I find that if I write a list before the next day, I wake up that day feeling fresh and motivated to do everything and more on that list.

Try Something New: you could go to a new coffee shop in town, try a different sport, join a new class, walk or cycle to work instead of driving, try on a new or different outfit etc

Tidy: I find that if my space is organised, I am organised. So grab some bin bags and a feather duster and start clearing out some bits that you don't need. I find doing a section at a time and really nailing it is quite satisfying, for example: clearing your clothes and your wardrobe first then move onto your bookshelf.

Exercise: I have recently started Pilates and I absolutely love it. It allows me to feel relaxed and allows me to connect with my body and how I am feeling. Find a sport of exercise you like to do e.g. running, cycling, swimming, kick boxing etc

Doing the Boring Stuff First: this links to the list idea however I like to do the bits that I don't particularly want to do first and then it makes me more excited for the things I do want to do

Morning Routine: perhaps reflect on your morning routine and see if you could add something different or change something up e.g. trying out a new drinks in the morning, listening to a podcast instead of music, setting your alarm a little bit earlier each morning to read

Gratitude Journal: using this journal will allow you to really sit down and think, what are you grateful for? You could also look back over old lists or notebooks which may spark some creativity within you and push you to do something different

If you have any more tips on feeling motivated or inspired, leave a comment on my Instagram post


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