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How to be More Organised with These 9 Tips

Are you looking for inspiration on how you can be more organised? Perhaps you're stuck in a bit of a rut and want to better organise your life? Being an organised person allows you to be more productive, motivated and satisfied in everyday life. So if you're looking to be one or more of these traits then continue reading as I take you through 9 tips on being more organised.

Setting Goals - for me, one of the key ways to get more organised is to set clear goals. Having a clear outline of where you want to go and what you want to achieve is the motivational juice you need to start your organisation habit. Once you have that goal in place, you can then sit down and start to plan out the ways you're going to achieve your goal and how you're going to incorporate small tasks into everyday life to help you achieve your goal. So get your planner out and a piece of paper and start roadmapping your goals and pathway to success.

Write Things Down - if you're forgetful like me then having a pen and paper handy is a life saver! I often get asked to do something but then half an hour later I have forgotten what it was. That's why having a pen and paper handy or even your phone to write notes is so useful as there is no excuse to forget anything and you can organise tasks more concisely into your schedule.

To Do Lists - at the end of each week I will sit down and write a list of everything I need to do the following week. I will then reflect each evening on my days work and what I need to add or change the following day and adjust my to do list accordingly. Writing a to do list routinely will enable you to keep on track with tasks and also give you immense satisfaction once you cross of each task

Routines - having a solid routine ahead of your working day and after is a key foundation in becoming better organised. Whether it be making your lunch the night before or exercising before work so you don't have to do it when you get home. Having a strong, concise morning and night routine will make you more organised but also more productive.

Plan Ahead - linking to my to do list point, if you can plan ahead of schedule then you're on the road to success. Having the comfort of knowing how your week is going to look is so beneficial as you can be aware of what needs doing during the week and can become more flexible if things crop up like going to the park with friends or having a BBQ. You can refer to your weekly overview and see where you can reshuffle rather than guessing your to-do list and running out of time to complete tasks you forgot you had.

Declutter Space - in my opinion, having a tidy surrounding allows for a tidy mind. For example, when I am writing a blog post or doing some study, I like to have.a clear desk space with no clutter and room for me to spread out. Others find having items and belongings on their desk or in their space comforting and that's completely fine however tidying away at the end of each day or having a space for everything is beneficial as you know where everything is and not wasting time looking for things.

Don't Procrastinate - I am trying to get better at this one! Like the famous fitness brand says "Just Do It." And it's true! As much as we try to put things off or think "I have loads of time to do this" often the reality is that we hardly have any time as we didn't do the tasks when we needed/scheduled to. So the best piece of advice I can give for this tip is to just do it.

Set Alarms and Reminders - I find this tip so useful! When I am scheduling content for my Instagrams I often set myself reminders so I can keep track on posting and become more efficient. Give it a go by setting yourself a reminder on a certain day with a specific time and watch your organisational skills improve in an instant!

Make Room for Last Minute Changes - life will happen. You will get asked to go to a dinner party or a wedding or join a family holiday and sometimes we need to sit back and reassess our plan. As much as it is great to be organised, it is also important to be a little spontaneous and take the opportunities as they come. Be flexible and accept that your plan of action is never ridged and be more willing to make change even now and then.

There we have it! There are 9 tips to hopefully make you a more organised person.

Let me know in the comments which tips you already try and which ones you want to give a go!

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