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Getting In The Right Headspace For The Day

Ahh!! The smell of Spring!! What better opportunity than to work on getting into the right headspace first thing in the morning so you can lead the day in a positive way! (rhyme not intentional!)

I think the key to having a positive day is getting into the right headspace. By doing small practices every morning that work for you, your chances of having a clearer perspective and a more positive day is greater.

So, in case you are looking for some ideas, I have included some ideas on how you can start your day in the right frame of mind.

Wake Up As Naturally As Possible

Whether this be waking up with natural light or waking up with a gradual alarm rather than an alarm that beeps at you every 2 seconds to get up.

I read in 'Why We Sleep' that if we have a rude awakening it can heighten our blood pressure which isn't ideal first thing in the morning as it could lead to the feeling of stress. Therefore, try to either sleep with your blind or curtains slightly open to let the light flood in or set your alarm with the sound of birds or something relaxing.

Try and Avoid Technology

(I am still working on this one!). It can be so tempting to scroll through social media since my alarm is on my phone but I am trying not to scroll first thing.

I believe that the first hour of your day when you wake up is almost your golden hour to set the mood for the day. So if you are scrolling on social media and see something negative or something that then makes you sad then that could set your mood for the rest of the day.

Instead, try and replace social media with reading, journalling, exercising, doing your skincare etc anything that will help you feel happy and positive.

Create A Morning Routine You Love

Which leads me nicely into my next suggestion which is creating a morning routine you love. When you find a routine that works for you and that you absolutely love to wake up to every morning, you are onto a winner.

Some ideas for your morning routine could be: organising your to-do for the day, visualising where you want to go, moving your body, having a skin and body care routine you love, reading, having that first sip of gorgeous coffee and so on.

Experiment with this and don't stop until you find what works for you.

Moving Your Body

Whether you go for a walk/run or you do a 10 minute yoga session, decide what works for you and get moving your body. When we move our body it releases endorphins which are our happy hormone so it will help enhance your mind and get you in the right mood for the day


As you go through the day, you may have started off in a really good headspace but then something at work has stressed you out or you may be running late for something for example. So when incidences do arise and you notice your inner peace shifting and you are becoming more stressed then I would suggest having a toolkit of activities that work so you can gradually get back to your inner peace.

For example: if you are feeling stressed then maybe taking a 5-10 minute walk around the block might help to clear your mind and regain your level-headedness.


I hope you have found today's blog post helpful and a useful guide?! Let me know in the comments what you do to get in the right headspace in the morning.

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