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Fixed to Growth Mindset in 8 Simple Steps

Have you often wondered why you aren't reaching your goals or succeeding in the way you would like to? The reason why you may not be making the achievements you would like to could be down to your mindset. Below I have provided some information on a fixed and a growth mindset along with 8, simple steps to help your mind become more willing to grow and reach your goals.

Fixed Mindset - assumes our character, intelligence and creative abilities are a given and can't be changed

Growth Mindset - these people thrive on challenges and see failure as a springboard for growth

Some Qualities of a Fixed & Growth Mindset are Below:

8, Simple Steps to Growth:

1) Accept Failure - this may be difficult to hear as no-one likes to know they have failed or done something wrong but it happens to all of us and is a key factor in the way we learn and improve. Some ways you can deal with failure could be talking to someone or journaling your experience and reflecting on how you could do better.

2) Set Challenges - don't be afraid to set a goal. Whether your goal is based on your failure on how you can improve or if you have set yourself a new challenge. Whatever your challenge/goal, don't be afraid to go out there and work for it. Some ideas could be something extreme such as complete a triathlon or something smaller like reading 10 pages a day. Set your goal and work towards it.

3) Enjoy Learning - you are never going to grow and develop if you don't feed your mind with new information. We may think that we are stuck in our ways and that our brain will never change but our brain can in fact change it's way of thinking with work and willingness. Explore the world around you, get stuck into a non-fiction book, listen to a podcast, have a in-depth conversation with someone, watch a documentary or some inspiring YouTube videos, pick up a new hobby, study a topic you're interested in - anything to keep your mind learning and developing.

4) Set an End Goal - start at the end of the process e.g. write your end goal at the top of your page and then work backwards. Mapping out the process and the direction you will be heading in to get to your final goal is a clear and concise way in which you can set smaller goals for yourself in order to get to your final, end goal. It also gives you motivation to see your journey and to learn how to enjoy everyday of the process as you work your way closer.

5) Work in Silence - try not to let other people be aware of your goals so 1) they can't influence or break down your excitement/determination towards your new goal and 2) to stop you from seeking approval to make sure you're doing the right thing. Trust your instincts and believe in yourself that you can achieve your goal

6) Determination - learn to be determinated and to be focused. Manifest your goals, stick to a routine, remain focused and learn to enjoy the journey

7) Be Other's Cheerleaders - we all have people who we are inspired by or look up to and become in awe of their achievements. Let them know this. Comment on their recent Instagram picture or send them a nice, positive message. They will really appreciate this and you will feel good for celebrating their achievements and knowing you have made them feel good.

8) Know You Can Change - the above will help give you some guidance on how to change your mindset however, at the end of the day, it comes down to you and your motivation, determination and willingness to work hard towards your goals.

I hope the above information has been useful and insightful in helping guide you towards changing your mindset. Let me know in the comments one of your goals :)

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Information for the definitions and qualities of a fixed and growth mindset in this post was taken from the following link


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