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Creating Your Up-Level List

We all have those times where we are comfortable with where we are at that we often forget to challenge ourselves. Thus, why not create an up-level list to refer back to when you realise you're stuck in your comfort zone so you know where you're heading and what you'd love to do. Below I have listed some categories that you could include in your up-level list to keep you progressing to where you want to be. (Disclaimer - it is also important to remeber to be accepting and grateful of where you are at right now).


- Do you want to start your own business? Learn how to do so and the key things you need to do to be successful

- Aiming to go to Sixth Form and College to do certain subjects? Set goals to constantly be aiming to get the grades you need

- Want to learn in your free time? Why not take a online course or read non-fiction books

Have a search on the internet and figure out the best ways to learn what you aspire to learn


- Do you want to be known as caring and outgoing for others?

- Want to be happy and comfortable within yourself?

- Perhaps you want to inspire and motivate people in life?

Take a moment each day to sit down and set yourself the target of saying hello to 3 strangers or doing 3 good deeds for someone each day

Big Goals in Life:

- Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur?

- Want to build your own house?

- Travel to amazing places within the world?

- Help charities?

Work backwards and set in time each week, month, day etc to work towards these big goals


- Longing for that gorgeous bag?

- Wanting to change up your car?

- Looking to buy the latest technology?

Set yourself budget goals and set aside some money so you can allow yourself to save for the things you long for


- Would love to go on a hot air balloon

- Go on an animal Safari in Africa

- Scout the world and find gorgeous spots to go on holiday

Get a world map and pin point all the places you want to go. Then set aside some money each month to plan and save for your dream holiday

What would your up-level list be?


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