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Creating a Routine That Get's You Excited

Let's be honest, there have been times where we have set our alarm just before we need to be at work therefore leaving hardly any time to actually do anything other than make our way to work. Why is it that we do this? Is it because we don't have anything to look forward to in the morning? Maybe our body is telling us that it needs more sleep hence the late wake up call?

But how does not having a routine in the morning make you feel? For me, not having a structured routine in the morning sets my day up for being unproductive and I feel as though it takes me forever to wake up properly.

It is so easy to fall into the rabbit hole of waking up just before you're needed somewhere (we all do it once in a while or all too often) but I urge you to be curious and look into creating a routine that makes you feel excited to wake up in the morning.

Some of the benefits of having a structured morning routine are:

  • Reduces stress level as you're not rushing here, there and everywhere

  • Increased productivity

  • Step ahead of your goals

  • Some 'You' Time

So now you know that having a morning routine will benefit you in more than one way, let me provide you with some tips and tricks on how to create a morning routine that will leave you going to bed at night excited for the next morning.

Work Out What Will Get You Up In The Morning

In order to want to get up in the morning there has to be something that you are desperate to do that makes you feel happy and content. This could be something as simple as making a coffee first thing. Or perhaps you are looking to try something new such as practicing gratitude or reading.

Have some fun with it and experiment with what makes you feel excited to get up the following morning. Once you have found your excitement, stick to it!

Move Your Body

Personally, I feel that moving your body first thing in the morning is so fundamentally important as it increases the blood flow around your body which leads to increased concentration. Moving your body is also important for your physical health as well.

Also, moving your body doesn't have to be strenuous such as a full body workout or a 5 mile run. It can be something mindful like going on a walk for 15 minutes or practicing yoga each morning to stretch your body out. Find what works best for you.

Work Out Your Timings

To ensure you have enough time to do everything that you want to do in the morning, work backwards from the time that you need to leave the house or start work etc. Allocate time slots to each tasks or activities you are wanting to do including breakfast and showering.

Once you have your allocated time blocks and have worked backwards from the time you're needing to start your day fully, you should then have your recommended wake up time.

Be Consistent

A habit stops becoming a habit when you stop doing said habit. Therefore if you're looking to form a routine that you do time and time again, make sure you keep doing it. No doubt there will be events or things that will pop up and get in the way but we can learn from these and perhaps your routine needs to be adjusted to fit in new life events accordingly.

Also, sticking to the same wake up time and bed time, every day and night will hold you accountable and keep you consistent therefore making it less likely to fall out of the routine.


View your morning routine as your time and something you do for pleasure. There's no better feeling than waking up in the morning and knowing that the next half an hour - 2 hours are solely for you and only you.

Track Your Feelings

Once you have completed your morning routine, I would suggest keeping a track of how you feel afterwards so that if you're having a blip and struggling to do your morning routine you can look back and see how doing your morning routine makes you feel.

Don't wait for the clock to strike midnight on 31st December 2020 for your morning routine to begin. Get some practice now and find what works best for you so you can go into 2021 with an already strong morning routine.

Leave a comment below and tell us what you do in your morning routine to help inspire others

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