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Converting Your Dreams into Goals

Today is the second part of the two part series where we focus on learning how to convert those dreams into goals aka reality. The first part in the series focused on establishing the difference between goals and dreams so if you'd like to check it out then you can do so here.

Dreams live in your imagination until you make the decision that you want to make your dream a reality and take action. So if you have a desire to convert one of your dreams into reality then carry on reading as this blog post is for you!

Step 1 - Want and Will To Leap

The first step to setting any goal is to be brave enough to take that leap of faith. If you don't take the leap of faith then that dream will forever remain as just a dream. You need to be willing enough to take action and to be brave enough to follow through and achieve the goal you want to achieve.

Step 2 - Understand Your Why

Once you have taken the leap, you now need to establish your why. Why are you wanting to convert your dream into a reality? Get really deep with this and try and attach your why to an emotion. By attaching your why to an emotion, it will become more motivating for you.

For example, if you have a dream to earn £100 extra income each month, why are you wanting to do this? A 'why' could be: because I want to save enough money to buy furniture for my future house and experience living in a home that is fully furnished to my liking.

So what the above example has shown you is a reason as to why you are setting yourself this goal as well as a future feeling you want to feel once you have achieved this goal.

Once you have established your why, make sure you have it written down and it is easy to refer to so you can look back and remind yourself of it when you loose momentum.

Step 3 - Set SMART Goals

I absolutely love setting SMART goals! If you have been reading my blog for a while then you probably know this phrase off by heart now but if you're not familiar with the phrase then it stands for:






If you are setting any form of goal, I would highly recommend setting it using SMART. The reason being is that you need to make sure you know what it is you are aiming for, you can track your progress, it is realistic as well as relevant to your place in life and you have a deadline to work towards. Without those things you will find it hard to understand what it is you are trying to aim for.

Step 4 - Make Yourself Accountable

Now you have your why as well as your goal mapped out, next is to make yourself accountable. There are many ways in which you can make yourself accountable such as:

  • Telling a Friend or Family Member You Trust

  • Setting Your Goal With Someone Else Who Also Wants To Achieve That Goal

  • Setting Up an Instagram Progress Account

  • Tracking Your Progress Privately

By making yourself accountable you are more likely to achieve your goal as you have the slight pressure of someone else asking you about your progress which is a good motivator to keep going.

Step 5 - Track Your Progress

This leads me nicely into Step 5 which is to track your progress. I like to use a habit tracker in my planner or diary to track my progress but you could design a timeline of milestones you want to reach in your goal journey or an online app.

However you like to track your progress, make sure you do as it will keep you accountable, will help motivate you as you can see how far you've come as well as something to look back on once you have completed your goal and to reminisce your journey and hard work.

Step 6 - Set Yourself a Reward

Last but by no means least, make sure you give yourself a reward after you have completed your goal. This could be anything you like! Some examples could be: new clothes, a meal out, money into your savings pot, buying something you have longed for etc.

Make sure when you set your reward, it is something that will help motivate you and something that will make you excited to achieve your goal.

So there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this two part series. I feel like winter can be a little demotivating at times what with dark mornings / early evenings, so I hope this series has helped motivate you to put your dreams into reality and start hustling so you can achieve your dreams!

Let me know in the comments your SMART goal.


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