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Coaching vs Counselling - What's the Difference?

After recently completing my life coaching course, I wanted to bust the common misconception that coaching is the same as counselling.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to defining the two types of services is that coaching focuses on the future and guiding individuals to help them achieve their goals whereas counselling focuses on past barriers or traumas that are preventing you from achieving or moving forward.

So now that we have established the difference between coaching and counselling, I wanted to share with you why someone may seek one of the two services as well as the common roles / responsibilities of a life coach so you can 1. see the difference and 2. see if either of the services are for you.

Why Might Someone Seek Life Coaching:

- Development of Physiological Wellbeing

- Career Development

- Time Management

- Would like to make better financial and career decisions

- Get them motivated about their goals and dreams

- Overcome fear, frustration or lack of confidence / self esteem

- Help manage personal relationships

- Develop practical life skills

Why Might Someone Seek Counselling:

- Mainly due to a trauma or problem that is preventing them from developing and moving forward such as:

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Mental Health

- Illness

- Bereavement

Role of a Life Coach:

- Establish a good working relationship with the client

- Motivate and encourage the clients through the change process

- Use coaching skills to develop your way of thinking and to reach your conclusions

- Help provide techniques such as stress and time management as well as productivity

- Work with clients to develop strategies to help them achieve their goals

Since completing my life coaching course, I have loved coaching individuals to help them achieve their goals! Let me know in the comments if you have ever had a life coach or if you would ever consider being coached.


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