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Building Discipline to Lead a Successful Life

Motivation only lasts a short while when it comes to setting and accomplishing goals but what will help you more than anything to achieve your goals is having self discipline. Self discipline is defined by Google as: 'the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience.' By having this trait as part of your lifestyle and mindset you are more likely to succeed and accomplish your goals which will then lead you to a more successful life.

After reading Life Hacks article on 'How to Build Self Discipline to Excel in Life' I was inspired to write this blog post and to share their recommended tips with you in today's post. Therefore, below I have listed and interpreted some tips to help you build your self discipline through some simple practices.

Tip 1 - Set Yourself a Goal

You need to set yourself a goal or task that initially motivates you and makes you feel excited to achieve the goal you have set yourself. Set yourself a challenge or goal that gives you an excited feeling in your stomach. Make sure to set yourself a goal which is challenging, takes you outside your comfort zone and pushes you towards your overall aim.

Decide once you have set yourself a goal, how long it will take you to complete. Put a plan in place. By having a plan you are setting yourself something to follow and stick to.

Tip 2 - Have a Buddy

Perhaps you find it hard to achieve goals on your own or you share similar interests/ambitions as one of your friends/family members. If this is the case, why not try and set you and your friend a goal together? By doing this, you are keeping both of you accountable and it will make it harder to not complete the goal as you don't want to let the other person down.

If you prefer to set goals on your own then perhaps share your goal with a trusted friend, family member or significant other who you know will push and motivate you to achieve your goals and not let you slip on your journey.

Tip 3 - Remove Distractions

Limit anything that may distract you along your journey. This could be things like social media, limiting beliefs, laziness, not making time etc. Try and prevent anything entering your mindset or routine that may distract you from achieving your goal. View your goal as one of your priorities and allow yourself to make time for it.

Tip 4 - Have a Strong Morning Routine

Find a morning routine that works for you. Some ways in which you can start the morning in the right was is: daily exercise (even if you just move your body for 5 minutes - anything is better than nothing!), visualisation/journalling/meditating (look after your mindset), a healthy breakfast (looking after your body). Try and limit going on your phone first thing in the morning as you may see or watch something that brings your mood down. It is important to schedule in time to go on social media rather than letting your phone control you.

Take power of your mornings and view them are your chance to look after yourself and make yourself prepared physically and mentally for the day ahead.

Tip 5 - Reward vs Punishment

Work out what makes you more disciplined. Is it having a reward to focus on and receive once you have completed your goal or is it letting down someone else or consequences taking place if you haven't completed your goal. By working out what motivates you, you can then focus on this every time you feel like taking a rest day or not working towards your goal to then help you motivate yourself.

Tip 6 - Get Started

I am a firm believer in planning to help you get towards your goal but equally to reach your goal you do need to take action. Use each day as an opportunity to work towards your goal rather than thinking 'one day' you will work towards your goal. Even if you take small steps instead of large steps towards your goals you are still making progress and you should be proud about that. Every action is a step closer to your goal.

Tip 7 - Challenge Yourself First Thing

It is inevitable that our mind will want to do the least challenging thing first thing and put off the most challenging thing until later on during the day or not even do it at all. Challenge this mindset and do the most challenging thing first thing in the morning and leave the easier, less challenging things towards the end of the day. View this method as treating yourself later on in the day to a easier end to your day and a way of winding down for your evening routine.

Tip 8 - Understand Your Feelings

As you progress through your goal journey you will eventually get a feel for whether or not the goal you are working towards is really for you. Don't continue to achieve the goal you have set yourself for status or social pressure if you're not feeling it anymore or doesn't feel like a natural goal you want to work towards. Only work towards and achieve goals you feel a connection with as once you complete them you will feel the most sense of achievement.

Tip 9 - Learn to Be Kind to Yourself

With the above point taken into consideration, be kind to yourself throughout your goal journey. Some days you will just want to take a day off and that's ok. Don't put huge amounts of pressure on yourself to achieve all the time. Learn that taking a step back and going again tomorrow is ok and is good for your mental / physical health.

Now you have everything you need to know when it comes to achieving your goals by having a disciplined mindset. If you would like to read Life Hack's blog post then click the link here. Let me know in the comments what goal you are going to apply a disciplined mindset to in the comments.

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